Jakob Syrén rejoins Leksand

Normally the Dutch Baseball Hangout does not spend much time on Swedish baseball, but since Jakob Syrén has a past in Dutch Baseball and he is a very friendly guy, yours truly would like to write something about his transaction. After a season in the Dutch hoofdklasse with De Glaskoning Twins and a season in …

De Glaskoning Twins acquires Japanese pitcher

Against all odds, De Glaskoning Twins has decided to add a Japanese pitcher to its pitching staff. It is the 26-year old Sora Sakashita from the Shizuoka prefecture (about 70 kilometers Southwest from Yokohama). As no team will be demoted from the Dutch hoofdklasse this season, one would expect that teams would spend their money …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 6, day 1

On the first day of round six, the following games were scheduled: Meerlease Pioniers @ Curaçao Neptunus, Oosterhout Twins @ DSS, Silicon Storks @ HCAW and Quick Amersfoort @ L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Meerlease Pioniers  2  -  9  Curaçao Neptunus After Meerlease Pioniers took a quick 2-0 lead on a double by Joey Eeman, Curaçao Neptunus …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 5, day 1

On day one of the fifth round, the following games were scheduled: L&D DSS @ L&D Amsterdam Pirats, HCAW @ Meerlease Pioniers, Curaçao Neptunus @ Quick Amersfoort and De Glaskoning Twins @ Silicon Storks. L&D Amsterdam Pirates  20  -  1  DSS Debuting in the Dutch hoofdklasse with a grand slam home run. How often does …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 4, day 3

After a day off due to Kings Day, the competition continued. Curaçao Neptunus hosted DSS, Meerlease Pioniers headed to The Hague to face Silicon Storks, De Glaskoning Twins hosted L&D Amsterdam Pirates and HCAW hosted Quick Amersfoort. DSS  1  -  11  Curaçao Neptunus Curaçao Neptunus remains the only team in the Dutch hoofdklasse that won …

Strong season so far for Jakob Syrén

Former Dutch hoofdklasse pitcher, Jakob Syrén is having a great season so far with the Solingen Alligators. The tall Swede did not allow an earned run so far. Also today in the game vs the Untouchables Paderborn, Jakob kept the opponent from scoring. After a solid season with a 2.74 ERA in the Dutch hoofdklasse …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 4, day 2

Due to the celebration of Kingsday tomorrow, the second day of round four was played on Friday night instead of Saturday. Today's games were: Curaçao Neptunus @ DSS, HCAW @ Quick Amersfoort, De Glaskoning Twins @ L&D Amsterdam and Silicon Storks @ Meerlease Pioniers.   5   -   4    After DSS had taken a 2-0 lead …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 4, day 1

Last night the first games of round four were played in the Dutch hoofdklasse. Curaçao Neptunus had to go deep to beat DSS, L&D Amsterdam Pirates had an easy night vs De Glaskoning Twins. Silicon Storks pulled off a surprising result against Meerlease Pioniers and HCAW beat Quick Amersfoort in a close game. DSS  0  …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 3, day 2

On day two of the third round, the following games were scheduled:  L&D Amsterdam Pirates @ Curaçao Neptunus, DSS & HCAW, Quick Amersfoort @ Silicon Storks and Meerlease Pioniers @ De Glaskoning Twins. L&D Amsterdam Pirates  2  -  5  Curaçao Neptunus Even though it wasn't a clubbing like last Thursday and the score looked like …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 3, day 1

On the first day of round three in the Dutch hoofdklasse, the eternal rivals L&D Amsterdam Pirates and Curaçao Neptunus faced each other. Other matchups were HCAW @ DSS, Silicon Storks @ Quick Amersfoort and De Glaskoning Twins @ Meerlease Pioniers. Curaçao Neptunus  9  -  2  L&D Amsterdam Pirates Despite Rob Cordemans' milestone, this was …

More reinforcements for De Glaskoning Twins

Lately, De Glaskoning Twins made some extra acquisitions to reinforce themselves. Today another one was presented. Japanese outfielder Yuki Yoshimura, who played in the organization of reigning NPB champ Softbank Hawks. Next to the Softbank Hawks, Yoshimura played for the DeNA BayStars from Yokohama. Besides playing as an outfielder, Yoshimura can also play first base …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Perfect game for Misja Harcksen

On day three of round two, one pitcher would throw a perfect game. This was only the third perfect game in the history of the Dutch hoofdklasse.  The scheduled games of today were De Glaskoning Twins @ Curaçao Neptunus, Silicon Storks @ DSS, HCAW @ L&D Amsterdam Pirates and Meerlease Pioniers @ Quick Amersfoort. De …

The favorite jerseys of my collection

Through the years built a small collection of baseball jerseys. It all started in 1991 when I got the jersey of my very first baseball club, now defunct Amstel Tijgers, three-time Dutch champion. From that moment on more jerseys got my way. This is an overview of the favorite jerseys of my collection. Amsterdam Baseball …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 2, day 2

On day two of round one, the following games were scheduled: Curaçao Neptunus @ De Glaskoning Twins, DSS @ Silicon Storks, Quick Amersfoort @ Meerlease Pioniers and L&D Amsterdam Pirates @ HCAW. Curaçao Neptunus  10  -  1  De Glaskoning Twins A flattering result for Curaçao Neptunus. In a real pitching duel in which Orlando Yntema …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 2, day 1

In the second round, the following series will be played: Quick Amersfoort - Meerlease Pioniers, DSS - Silicon Storks, L&D Amsterdam Pirates - HCAW and Curaçao Neptunus - De Glaskoning Twins. In the game between L&D Amsterdam Pirates and HCAW, veteran pitcher Rob Cordemans may break the 2,000 strikeout mark. Meerlease Pioniers    -    …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 1, day 3

On day three of the first round, it was up to three teams to get at least one win this weekend as Silicon Storks, HCAW and Quick Amersfoort had already lost their series. Only for DSS and Meerlease Pioniers it came down to the rubber game of their series. HCAW  6  -  7  Curaçao Neptunus …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2019: Round 1, day 2

On the second day of the first round, the following games were scheduled: DSS @ Meerlease Pioniers, L&D Amsterdam Pirates @ Silicon Storks, Curaçao Neptunus @ HCAW and Quick Amersfoort @ De Glaskoning Twins. Three teams managed to clinch the series win today, one tied the series so it comes down to the rubber game …

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