De Glaskoning Twins acquires Japanese pitcher

Against all odds, De Glaskoning Twins has decided to add a Japanese pitcher to its pitching staff. It is the 26-year old Sora Sakashita from the Shizuoka prefecture (about 70 kilometers Southwest from Yokohama).

As no team will be demoted from the Dutch hoofdklasse this season, one would expect that teams would spend their money on other things than foreign players. De Glaskoning Twins eventually opted to lure in a Japanese pitcher.

You can say that Twins had a lot of luck it could acquire this pitcher. Sora’s intention was to play in the USA this season with the Saranac Lake Surge of the independent Empire Baseball League. But due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the USA, things had a much different turn than expected.

Sora played at university level in Japan for Shizuoka University. The right-hander played for the Yamagishi Logisters in the Japanese Industrial League in the past two seasons.

After his adventure in the USA fell apart, he joined the Asian Breeze, which is a travel team in Japan that plays exhibition games. By joining this team, he hoped to put himself in the spotlight in which he succeeded.

Sakashita’s stats on the website of the Asian Breeze are a bit limited so it is a bit difficult to get the picture complete. With the Asian Breeze, Sora had five appearances in which he allowed five hits and three walks, struck out four, and posted an ERA of 3.60.

His arsenal of pitches contains a fastball (two-seamer and a four-seamer), a slow curveball, a cutter, and a splitter.

The next video gives an impression of what Sakashita is capable of.

Sora’s Twitter account is studded with clips showing him throwing his pitches.

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