HCAW adds American to flagship team

Dutch hoofdklasse club HCAW from Bussum has expanded its roster with American outfielder Bryce Cherry. The American born will be added to the roster immediately. In a press release, the club from Bussum announced the addition of the 25-year old Californian born Cherry, who played for San Francisco State University. In 2014 he batted .279 for …

Promotion/relegation competition 2017: Pickles UVV close to relegation

In the only game that was played today, as the others were rained out, Pickles UVV took on DSS in Haarlem. DSS beat up UVV and with the loss, the fate of UVV is almost sealed.  If UVV loses tomorrow, the team will move down to the overgangsklasse next year. Also with an UVV win …

Promotion/relegation competition 2017: Round 3, day 2

On the second day of round three in the promotion/relegation group, DSS and De Glaskoning Twins swept their opponent to secure their stay in the hoofdklasse. Quick Amersfoort stayed in the race for promotion by sweeping Onze Gezellen to keep them winless. DSS  8  -  3  Storks After beating Storks on the previous day in …

Promotion/relegation competition 2017: Round 3, day 1

On the first day of the third round of the promotion/relegation competition, Pickles UVV hosted De Glaskoning Twins, DSS hosted Storks and Quick Amersfoort "hosted" Onze Gezellen. De Glaskoning Twins  4  -  1  Pickles UVV For the players of De Glaskoning Twins, this was a makeup game for the games they lost against Pickles UVV …

Promotion/ relegation competition 2017: Round 2, day 2

On day two of round two, the hoofdklasse clubs all had the home advantage. DSS mashed Quick Amersfoort in seven innings, Storks handed Pickles UVV its second loss in this weekend and De Glaskoning Twins needed eight innings to finish the job vs Onze Gezellen.  Quick Amersfoort  0  -  11  DSS DSS needed seven innings …

Dutch promotion/ relegation competition 2017: Round 2, day 1

All  hoofdklasse teams were hosted by the overgangsklasse teams today. De Glaskoning Twins finished off Onze Gezellen in seven innings, DSS beat Quick Amersfoort with a ten run margin and Pickles UVV bumped into its second loss in as many weeks. De Glaskoning Twins  12  -  1  Onze Gezellen Seven innings is what De Glaskoning …

Promotion/relegation group: Round 1, day 2

On the second day of round two of the promotion/ relegation competition, DSS and De Glaskoning Twins clinched their second victory. Pickles UVV, on the other hand, made a mistake by losing to Quick Amersfoort.  Pickles UVV  6  -  11  Quick Amersfoort In a back-and-forth affair, the sixth inning made the difference for Quick Amersfoort. …

Promotion/relegation group 2017: Round 1, day 1

Unlike the teams in the hoofdklasse playoffs, the teams in the promotion/relegation group will only play on Saturday and Sunday. This is a big advantage for the three clubs from the hoofdklasse because their rotation is made for three games per week instead of two. On the first day of the first round, DSS hosted Onze …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2017: round 14, day 3

On the last day of the last round of the regular season, DSS hosted Curaçao Neptunus, Pickles UVV hosted L&D Amsterdam and due to a rainout in Oosterhout yesterday, a double header was played in Hoofddorp between Pioniers and De Glaskoning Twins. Curaçao Neptunus  11  -  2  DSS Unlike yesterday's game, DSS could not keep …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2017: Round 14, day 2

On the second day of the fourteenth round, only two games were played as the game between De Glaskoning Twins and Hoofddorp Pioniers was rained out. Curaçao Neptunus was way too strong for DSS even though it took them until the fifth inning to make that clear and L&D Amsterdam Pirates had to go deep …

Final standings Dutch overgangsklasse set….after a lot of hustle and bustle

Last week, you could read here about a boneheaded move by the KNBSB that led to a huge discussion on Facebook. Due to the use of an "iniquitous" player, Tridents, the farm team of Curaçao Neptunus, was punished. The KNBSB deducted two points from their total in the standings and the game in which they …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2017: Round 14, day 1

On the first day of the fourteenth round, it became clear the top four teams are much stronger than the lower three. De Glaskoning Twins was no match for Hoofddorp Pioniers, DSS kept pace with Curaçao Neptunus quite long but eventually fell to the Rotterdam based team and L&D Amsterdam Pirates beat Pickles UVV in …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2017:

In a game with nothing at stake, as the positions in the regular season were set already, Curaçao Neptunus hosted Pickles UVV.  Without flexing their muscles, Neptunus beat UVV 2-0.  Until the fourth inning Pickles UVV could keep pace with Curaçao Neptunus when neither team scored. But in the bottom of the fourth, Neptunus loaded the …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2017: Round 13, day 2

On the secondday Hoofddorp Pioniers hosted L&D Amsterdam Pirates in a very close game. Pickles UVV was beaten up by Curaçao Neptunus and De Glaskoning Twins headed to Bussum to face HCAW in another close game. L&D Amsterdam Pirates  2  -  3  Hoofddorp Pioniers In a very close game, Hoofddorp Pioniers bested L&D Amsterdam Pirates. …

Battle for promotion in Dutch overgangsklasse not done yet

Since last weekend, the teams who will participate in the promotion/relegation group seemed to be set. Next to the three Dutch hoofdklasse clubs DSS, Pickles UVV and De Glaskoning Twins, three clubs from the overgangsklasse (one level below the hoofdklasse) appeared to be Storks (The Hague), Onze Gezellen (Haarlem) and Quick Amersfoort. But a fourth …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2017, round 13, day 1

On the first day of round thirteen, Curaçao Neptunus hosted Pickles UVV in a game with a somewhat flattered result, De Glaskoning Twins "hosted" HCAW and L&D Amsterdam Pirates was the home team vs Hoofddorp Pioniers. Pickles UVV  2  -  12  Curaçao Neptunus Curaçao Neptunus struck first in this game vs Pickles UVV. In the …

Dutch hoofdklasse 2017: Round 12, day 2

On day two of round twelve, L&D Amsterdam Pirates hosted HCAW, DSS hosted Pickles UVV and Curaçao Neptunus hosted Hoofddorp Pioniers. In two of the three matches the home team prevailed, but in Rotterdam, Hoofddorp Pioniers clinched a hard fought victory. HCAW  1  -  10  L&D Amsterdam Pirates Where HCAW could get the damage limited …

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