Baseball Shorts: Babe Ruth Joins The Giants

On October 23, 1923 Babe Ruth could be seen at the Polo Grounds in Giants gear. What was the occasion for the player who led to the expulsion of the Yankees from the Polo Grounds? The Bambino did play with the Giants in a post-season fund-raiser for the team’s first owner, John Day, who had …

Today in Baseball: The Shot Heard Around The World

Today, it is seventy years ago, that Bobby Thomson hit his world famous home run that clinched the NL pennant for the New York Giants. Bobby Thomson The prelude to this piece of baseball history started in August 1951. The Brooklyn Dodgers had a comfortable 13.5 game lead over the New York Giants on August …

MLB should punish the Astros, but how about the Giants?

By now you will know that yours truly loathes MLB because they failed to punish those who were responsible for the Astros sign-stealing scandal. The greedy MLB owners rather protect their product than punishing those who participated in this scandal. Instead, they banned the Astros' GM and manager to save their face.  I am going …

Today in Baseball: John McGraw and Charles Comiskey honored by French Baseball Federation

During a world tour in which several European Countries were visited, the French Baseball Federation honors New Giants manager John McGraw and Chicago White Sox owner Charles Comiskey with a medal for their efforts to promote the game of baseball in France. The Chicago White Sox (left) and the New York Giants during their 1924-1925 …

Baseball Shorts: World Series in Same Stadium

The 2020 World Series are played at Globe Life Field, the home ballpark of the Texas Rangers. With the Series played in the same ballpark, the 2020 World Series is the fourth of which all games are played in the same stadium. The very first World Series that was played in the same stadium was the …

Today in Baseball: Giants explain promotion of Willie Mays in almost apologetical ad

Today, 69 years ago, the New York Giants placed a large ad in the Minnesota Sunday Times that was almost apologetical to the Minneapolis Millers fans. In the ad, the Giants explain why they promoted Willie Mays to the New York Giants.  At the time of his promotion, Mays was the best player on the …

Today in Baseball: Yankee Stadium opens its doors

Today, 97 years ago, the first official game was played at Yankee Stadium. The Boston Red Sox were beaten 4-1 thanks to a home run by Babe Ruth. After John McGraw of the New York Giants made clear he didn't want to Yankees to return to the Polo Grounds after the 1922 season, the Yankees …

The 1913/1914 Baseball World Tour

Shortly after the 1913 World Series, that was won by the Philadelphia Athletics with its A$100,000 infield, the owner of the Chicago White Sox, Charles Comiskey and the manager of the New York Giants, John McGraw, started a promotional tour around the globe. According to the legend, Charles Comiskey and John McGraw made the plan …

“Moonlight” Graham’s career not as dramatic as portrayed

If there is one player made famous by a novel and/or a movie, it must be Archibald "Moonlight" Graham. The obscure ballplayer played an important part in the novel "Shoeless Joe" and the movie that was made after the novel "Field of Dreams. Graham was made famous for his one game in the 1905 season …

Today in baseball: First trade ever

In today's episode of Today in baseball, we pay attention to the very first trade in baseball. Today 133 years ago the Cincinnati Reds and the Saint Louis Browns were the first teams to do so. We write 1886, a time in which players were bought from other teams on a regular basis. But today, …

Ballparks around the world: Koshien Stadium

In this episode of Ballparks around the world, we pay attention to Koshien Stadium which is located in Osaka. It is the oldest baseball stadium in Japan and home of the annual Koshien high school tournament and the Hanshin Tigers. Koshien Stadium opened its doors in 1924 to host the National High School Baseball Invitational …

“Hit sign, win suit” a legacy of its own

Today, another little piece of baseball history, even though it is only baseball related. This blog post is about the famous Abe Stark sign at Ebbets Field, the former home of the former Brooklyn Dodgers. In the early days of baseball, many MLB parks looked like many MiLB parks look nowadays. The outfield walls were …

Today in baseball: Dodgers acquire Robinson’s contract

Today it is exactly 72 years ago that the Brooklyn Dodgers acquired the contract of Jackie Robinson. It would take five more days before Robinson would make his MLB debut. It was during an exhibition game against their AAA team, the Montreal Royals, where Robinson was playing after he signed a contract with the Dodgers …

Minor League history: Middle Atlantic League (1925-1930)

In this edition of Minor League history we are talking about the Middle Atlantic League. The league a continuous run from  1925 - 1942 and later from 1946-1951. The league was mainly located in Ohio and southwestern Pennsylvania but also had offshoots in New York, Maryland and West Virginia. The first edition of the Middle …

This day in baseball: The highest paid player

In the wake of the Bryce Harper lunacy, today a blog post about two players that were the highest paid players in their days. Regarding the money they got, none could stand in the shadow of Harper's $330 million. On this day in 1927, a certain Yankee player became the highest paid player ever as …

Baseball related songs: “There used to be a ballpark” by Frank Sinatra

In this edition of Baseball related songs, we pay attention to "There used to be a ballpark", performed by Ol' Blue Eyes, a.k.a. Frank Sinatra. In this song from his comeback album Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back, Sinatra took a sentimental journey to the Golden Age of baseball when the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York …

Baseball related songs: “We didn’t start the fire” by Billy Joel

In this episode of Baseball related songs, we pay attention to "We didn't start the fire" performed by Billy Joel. This song describes the cause of history from 1949 until the late eighties. You may wonder why the song starts in 1949. Well, that's quite simple. It is Billy Joel's year of birth. Next to …

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