Baseball Shorts: World Series in Same Stadium

The 2020 World Series are played at Globe Life Field, the home ballpark of the Texas Rangers. With the Series played in the same ballpark, the 2020 World Series is the fourth of which all games are played in the same stadium. 

1921ws.jpgThe very first World Series that was played in the same stadium was the one of 1921. The New York Giants, who owned the Polo Grounds took on the New York Yankees, who were the tenant of that ballpark. The Giants won that year’s Fall Classic 5-3. Yes, in that year eight games were played.
A program from the 1922 World Series.
The next World Series of which all games were played in the same ballpark was the one of 1922. Same situation; the owners of the Polo Grounds, the New York Giants, took on the tenant, the New York Yankees. Also this time the Giants won. As a matter of fact, they swept the Yankees in four.

All-St. Louis World Series brought out the best in Cardinals, Browns |  Baseball Hall of FameThe following World Series that was played in the same ballpark was the 1944 World Series. The facility was Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis, that was owned by the St. Louis Browns. But this time the owner did not stay at the right side of the score. The St. Louis Cardinals beat their home town rival 4-2. It was the only time the St. Louis Browns appeared in a World Series. Nine years later the team would move to Baltimore where they would adopt the moniker Orioles. 

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  1. I like to roam the internet on baseball history. I bumped into a remark about this World Series being the fourth played in the same stadium and immediately the 1921, 1922 and 1944 World Series popped up to my mind.


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