Paderborn Untouchables Bobble Head Night

On June 17, 2022, the Paderborn Untouchables of the First German Bundesliga, will have a bobble head promotion. The initiator of this event, Sascha Hermann, wanted to be the first in Europe to organize a bobble head promotion in Europe. Against the team from the German capital, the Berlin Flamingos, the Paderborn Untouchables will give …

Dutch Baseball Hangout Interviews Tim Collins

In 2016, during the European Championship in Hoofddorp, yours truly met Tim Collins for the first time in person. An American, who is residing in Munich. In Germany, he is well known in the baseball scene, and also in the Netherlands, several people know him because of his fine play-by-play announcing for the Munich-Haar Disciples …

New Milestone: 1,000,000 hits

In September 2020, the Dutch Baseball Hangout reached 750, 000 hits. With the average number of hits back then, yours truly expected to reach the 1,000,000 mark somewhere in September 2022. But things have gone really fast since the 750,000 mark. In the past year, this got more than 13,000 hits each month (with the …

How to Build Your Own Field of Dreams

I bumped into this video on Facebook. It shows someone who is building a baseball field from scratch in Brittany, France. It shows what to do and also what NOT to do when creating a baseball field. Of course, the person who built this nice ballpark did a lot with machines. But next to that …

Baseball For The Blind Setting Foot on Dutch Soil

The title is not quite correct since it is baseball for the blind and visually impaired. But that is way too long for a title. Anyhow, about two-and-a-half weeks ago, an event that advocates the aforementioned baseball branch was organized in the Dutch Province of Limburg. Since the Dutch Baseball Hangout had written about baseball …

Halloween and Baseball

Today is Halloween. Not my cup of tea. Especially because the retail companies are trying to shove a holiday that isn't Dutch down our throat. Everything for the buck eh? But do Halloween and baseball fit together? Absolutely. Since the expansion of the playoffs in MLB, five games have been played on Halloween: Game 4 …

Arm Barn Instead of Bullpen?

Once again there is some controversy about a name in baseball. This time not about a club but about the area where relief pitchers "reside" during a game: the bullpen. The animal rights organization PETA seems to have some problems with the name bullpen. According to them, the name refers to the area where they …

WBSC/Fraccari Under Investigation For Money Laundering

According to, a San Marino based news website, Riccardo Fraccari and the World Baseball and Softball Confederation are under investigation for money laundring. According to the article, the sports federation of Panama complained about the price of game balls, provided by the WBSC. As a result, there was a fiscal inspection that made clear …

Are The Best Children Selected For The Dutch Baseball Academies?

Recently, yours truly had a conversation with a baseball loving friend about the four baseball academies in the Netherlands and how they select players. In this conversation, yours truly expressed his doubt about children of poor families being selected because playing for an academy is rather expensive. We both thought that children from poor families …

Mapping The Path is on The Road Again

Two years ago, Matt Burns and his son visited all Major League and Minor League ballparks in their home state California. The planing was to visit sixteen ballparks in eighteen days in the Carolinas in 2020 but the corona virus threw a spanner in the works. But now, Matt and his dad are making up …

Play of The Year

Once in a while you see an incredible play that deserves the nomination “play of the year.” Last night, Monte Harrison made a play like that. In last night’s game between the Charlotte Knights and the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp (that name should be forbidden), outfielder Monte Harrison made an incredible catch. Not only did he …

Another Fine Documentary: Brooklyn Dodgers – The Ghosts of Flatbush

Today, I watched another great documentary on Youtube. This one was about the Brooklyn Dodgers. The documentary started around 1941, the year they won their first pennant since 1920. Of course the move to Los Angeles, orchestrated by villain Walter O'Money is given attention too. This is a long one, about 1 hour and 58 …

Another Nice Baseball Documentary

As I wrote in one of my previous blog posts (the one about Ballparks Around the World), I watched a baseball documentary named "Summer Ball." It is about a collegiate woodbat team in the community of Bancroft, Iowa. This community has a population of about 730 and baseball is the thing that bonds the people …

Want to Speed up Baseball Games? Cut Warmup Pitches Between Team At-Bats.

Recently there is a lot of talk about how to speed up baseball games. MLB has implemented a pitch clock, but IMHO the twenty-second rule is hardly enforced. A change that will really help is to stop the warmup pitches between the team at-bats, an idea an acquaintance of mine came up with. Always wondered …

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