Today in Baseball: The Shot Heard Around The World

Today, it is seventy years ago, that Bobby Thomson hit his world famous home run that clinched the NL pennant for the New York Giants. Bobby Thomson The prelude to this piece of baseball history started in August 1951. The Brooklyn Dodgers had a comfortable 13.5 game lead over the New York Giants on August …

Today in Baseball: The First Father And Son Combo on The Same Team

On this day in 1990, the very first father and son combo played together on the same team. Throughout the history of MLB, there have been many fathers and sons in the game, but until this day, no father and son played on the same team. Of course we are talking about the Griffeys. Ken …

Today in Baseball: Game Ends Due to Lack of Baseballs

Today, eighty-four years ago, a minor league game was called because both teams ran out of baseballs. On this date in 1937, the Newport Canners and the Johnson City Soldiers played a game in the Appalachian League. But after six innings, the game was called as both teams ran out of baseballs, much to the …

Today in Baseball: Game Cancelled Due To Ash

On this day in 1980, a game of the Spokane Indians was cancelled because the ballpark was covered with a layer of Ash. This was the day that Mount St. Helens erupted and destroyed a big part of the surrounding area. The eruption was predicted by geologists who had registered several tremors on their seismographs …

Today in Baseball: Blacks Allowed to Buy Grandstand seats in St. Louis

For years, Black baseball fans were only allowed to get seats in the bleachers during MLB games. Slowly teams abandoned that policy. On this day in 1944, the St. Louis Browns and Cardinals are the last teams to integrate seating for fans. It won't come as a surprise that black baseball fans were discriminated as …

Today in Baseball: Baseball Movies

Apparently, April 7 is a good day to launch baseball movies. Today, 45 years ago and 28 years ago, two of the best baseball movies were released. On this day, in 1976, the Bad News Bears was released. The movie is about a crappy little league team with Walter Matthau as as an alcoholic ex-baseball …

Today in Baseball: Some DH Firsts

Today, 48 years ago, the designated hitter made its first appearance in the American League. On this day, there were some firsts regarding this newly created "position."On the Opening Day game in Boston between the Red Sox and the Yankees, Ron Bloomberg of the Yankees is the first designated hitter in the AL. In the …

Today in Baseball: Game Called Due To Lack Of Baseballs

Today, 86 years ago, an exhibition game between the Boston Braves and the North Carolina State Wolfpack was called due to a lack of baseballs. When the lowly Boston Braves were on their way back home after spring training, they halted in Raleigh, North Carolina to take on the Wolfpack in an exhibition game. Not …

Today in Baseball: John McGraw and Charles Comiskey honored by French Baseball Federation

During a world tour in which several European Countries were visited, the French Baseball Federation honors New Giants manager John McGraw and Chicago White Sox owner Charles Comiskey with a medal for their efforts to promote the game of baseball in France. The Chicago White Sox (left) and the New York Giants during their 1924-1925 …

Today in Baseball: The First Ever Indoor Baseball Game.

Many think that the exhibition game that was played at the Astro Dome on April 9, 1965, was the first ever baseball game to be played indoors. Wrong. On Christmas Day 1888, 2,000 spectators watched the first ever indoor baseball game. An indoor baseball game in 1905 On this day 132 years ago, 2,000 fans …

Today in Baseball / Baseball Shorts: No More Bouncing Home Runs

Today, ninety years ago, the rules committee made an important decision that would cut down the number of home runs in baseball. On this day in 1930, the rules committee decided that a ball that bounces into the stands will no longer be a home run but will become a ground-rule double. Babe Ruth's total …

Today in Baseball: A first for Nolan Ryan

Today, thirty-two years ago, Nolan Ryan signed with the Texas Rangers. This signing is making him the first MLB player to have played with the original four expansion teams. Nolan Ryan, the Ageless Wonder Ryan broke into the Majors with the New York Mets (inaugural season in 1962), with whom he would win the 1969 …

Today in Baseball: Ebbets Field sold

Today in 1956, Brooklyn Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley sold the home of the Dodgers, Ebbets Field, to real estate developer Marvin Kratter. Looking back, this was the omen of the Dodgers' move after the 1957 season. The sale to Kratter included a three-year lease, with an additional two years to be added in January, to …

Today in Baseball: Earthquake Series

Today, 31 years ago, the World Series were rudely interrupted by a 6.9 Earthquake. At the time two teams of the Bay Area in California were preparing themselves for game three of what was called the Bay Bridge Series. In the series between the American League champion Oakland Athletics and the National League champion San …

Today in Baseball: Catching fly balls with a Tuba

Today in 1964, a player that would not reach the Hall of Fame because of his splendid playing career, used a musical instrument to catch some fly balls during batting practice. This ball payer would be voted into the Hall of Fame because of his broadcasting career with the Milwaukee Brewers.  This should ring a …

Today in Baseball: The Birth of the Baseball Glove

Today, 135 years ago, the baseball glove was born. By no means it looked like the ones we use today, but it was the start of something that would develop through the following century. On September 8, 1885 George H. Rawlings patented a close-fitting baseball glove that contained padding made of felt and rubber in …

Today in Baseball: An Inside-the-Park Home run at the Age of 42

It sounds almost unbelievable but it happened today 104 years ago. (Hall of) Fame(d) shortstop Honus Wagner hit his final round-tripper that happened to be an inside-the-park home run. In the fourth inning, Wagner goes deep off Reds' right-hander Elmer Knetzer in the team's 2-1 victory at Cincinnati's Redland Field. Even at the wrong side …

Today in Baseball: No MLB and yet a perfect game

Today the MLB season is shortly put on hold due to the Allied invasion in Normandy. But still, a perfect game is thrown. How? Read on and you will find out.  In the year the St. Louis Cardinals will win it all, MLB is putting the season on hold because of the Allied invasion in …

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