The Day Tom Browning Sat at The Rooftop Bleachers

Today, we heard the sad news about the passing of MLB legend Tom Browning. He played with the Cincinnati Reds in an era when players didn't take themselves as seriously as players do nowadays. Browning was part of the 1990 Cincinnati Reds squad that beat the highly favored Oakland A's in the World Series. On …

Rick van den Hurk Calls it a (Professional) Career

Dutch right-handed pitcher Rick van den Hurk officially announced his professional retirement today. Through his Instagram account he announced to end his professional career after twenty years. Rick van den Hurk during his presentation with the Yakult Swallows The thirty-six year old righty, was born in Eindhoven and debuted in professional baseball in 2003 with …

MLB Clubs Are Pleading Ignorance Aloud

Recently, you could read a blog post about Advocates for Minor Leaguers. In that blog post, it was mentioned how bad the Los Angeles Angels are treating their minor leaguers. A spokesman of the club stated that it was an outrage and that the club would address it...In other words, the Angels pretended like they …

The Incident That Made Clubs to Allow Fans to Keep Caught Foul Balls

Back in the old days, even way before yours truly's days, it was a common thing to give back caught foul balls to the club they belonged to. One incident in 1922 made clubs change this policy. There was a time in which the ball in the game of baseball was a sacred artifact. Umpires …

Documentary about Lenny Randle, “The Most Interesting Man in Baseball”

I bumped into this documentary about Lenny Randle on Youtube. I had the honor to interview him for my blog, about four years ago. This former MLB player was very friendly and helpful during the interview. Many Europeans baseball fans, except those in Italy, may think "Lenny Who?" After his MLB career, Lenny played for …

Two Very Nice Documentaries

While roaming Youtube, I bumped into two very nice documentaries. One about Ken Griffey Junior and one about the Cap Cod Baseball League. I just wanted to share them with you because they are worth watching. Even though I loathe MLB nowadays, I enjoyed watching the documentary about Ken Griffey Junior. He was always one …

Rhys Hoskins does what greedy MLB owners should do

Yours truly doesn't pay attention to MLB anymore, but in this case, I gladly make an exception. Earlier today, the Dutch Baseball Hangout posted an article about certain MLB clubs forcing their MiLB players at alternate training sites to pay for their housing. Also players are not allowed to stay with host families due to …

MLB regains a bit of respect but then loses it immediately

After what has happened in the past year in MLB (not punishing the Astros players that cheated their way to the 2017 World Series win, fighting with players about who should pay for the losses of the 2020 season, and the mutilation of Minor League Baseball), I loathe MLB and its greedy owners. But yesterday, …

Today in Baseball: A first for Nolan Ryan

Today, thirty-two years ago, Nolan Ryan signed with the Texas Rangers. This signing is making him the first MLB player to have played with the original four expansion teams. Nolan Ryan, the Ageless Wonder Ryan broke into the Majors with the New York Mets (inaugural season in 1962), with whom he would win the 1969 …

Sydney Blue Sox land “Manny being Manny”

It seems that the "Where will Manny Ramirez Play" saga has found an end for now. The Sydney Blue Sox announced it has signed the former MLB star and two-time World Series champion to a deal for the upcoming ABL season. It all started around March of this year when rumors floated around that Ramirez …

MLB keeps protecting the Cheatros by punishing the wrong ones.

If it wasn't clear that MLB is protecting the wrong ones, it became clear yesterday. Trevor Bauer wanted to wear cleats with the words "Free Joe Kelly" on it, but immediately after he presented the shoes, MLB stepped in and threatened to suspend him and levy "unprecedented fines." In the past weeks, MLB showed it …

Today in Baseball: Braves and Padres “slug” it out

Today, thirty-six years ago, the Atlanta Braves and the San Diego Padres have a "slugfest" throughout most of the game. But with the term slugfest, one should not think of a game full of extra base hits. On that memorable day in 1984, the very first pitch of the game, thrown by Pascual Perez, hits  …

MLB loses its credibility… if it still had any

The other day, Joe Kelly of the Los Angeles Dodgers tried to bean Alex Bregman of the Astros.  After retiring the final batter of the inning, he made some remarks to Carlos Correa. As a result, the benches cleared. No punches were thrown but it was enough for MLB to take steps.... Steps... Joe Kelly …

Chadwick Tromp doesn’t make the Giants’ Opening Day roster

For a long time, Aruban catcher Chadwick Tromp was in the mix for a spot on the Opening Day roster of the San Francisco Giants but tonight, the club presented its Opening Day roster and the name of Chadwick wasn't on it. In fact, it was already clear on July 19 when Chadwick was appointed …

Today in Baseball: Red Sox are the last to integrate

Today, 61 years ago, Pumpsie Green debuted for the Boston Red Sox, making the bean towners the last team to hire an Afro-American player. Since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, it took the Red Sox 12 years to integrate as well. Ironically, the Red Sox were the club that gave Jackie Robinson,  Marvin Williams, …

Today in Baseball: Disco Demolition Night

Today, 41 years ago the Chicago White Sox hosted Disco Demolition Night. The promotion was initiated by a DJ from a local radio station. As the game of the night before was rained out, it was scheduled to take place after the promotion. Little was known about the disastrous effect this promotion would have. With …

Dutchies on 60-man rosters

Most MLB clubs have announced their 60-man rosters. A change compared to last year as the clubs had 40-man rosters. But due to the coronavirus, everything is different. Besides the known names, several Dutchies have made the 60-man rosters. Here is an overview of the rosters that are known now. The 60-man player pool will …

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