MLB is at it Again

It is time for another anti-MLB rant. Why? Because the vile organization has made clear that Atlantic League players may be banned from all of affiliated and partner league baseball in the US and Canada, if they opt out of their contract now the mound in the Atlantic League has been pushed back to 62 feet and 6 inches.

It all started with an interview with Rob Manfred in March 2019, in which he showed his disdain for Atlantic League players. When being asked about the risk for pitchers to be injured, Manfred said: “That is why we do this in the Atlantic League.” Other MLB employees echoed the same feeling as they said “Where else do we have to test this?”

If this is not bad enough, Indy Ball Report, which is a premier news source when it comes to independent baseball according to, came with the following Tweet:

So from next week, the Atlantic League will serve as a guinea pig for MLB. Manfred and his cronies don’t give a damn about the eventual effects of moving back the mound, on Atlantic League pitchers. Pushing back the mound, may have some serious effects on their pitching arms, read injuries. But clearly MLB doesn’t care. 

MLB is so eager to implement this rule and the organization doesn’t give a damn about the health of the players of their “partner” leagues, they come up with statements like stated in the Tweet. So if a player rather opts out of his contract because he fears for his health, it will be impossible to play somewhere else in the USA and Canada, at least when it comes to affiliated ball and partner leagues. As far as I know, MLB doesn’t have anything to say about the Pecos League for example. But it will be impossible for those players to play in the Atlantic League, the Frontier League, and the American Association. This shows that by becoming an MLB partner league, these so-called independent leagues have lost their independence. 

More and more, it becomes clear that MLB wants to dictate what is happening in baseball in the US (and Canada). MLB has become a dark and evil organization. Too bad, many MLB fans refuse to recognize this.  Manfred and his cronies rather ruin the careers of other players than using their own players as guinea pigs. 

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