Current developments in Minors likely will be the end for Project 421 on Curaçao

We all know by now what MLB is planning for Minor League Baseball. 42 clubs will disappear. Most of them at rookie-level and A-Short Season level. This will also have its impact on the projected baseball complex on Curaçao. In 2015, there were plans by International Baseball Partners (IBP), MLB and the Curaçao government to …

Today in Baseball: Second no-hitter in a row

In this episode of "Today in Baseball," we pay attention to Johnny Vander Meer's consecutive no-hitter back in 1938. The "Dutch Master" had thrown a no-no four days earlier. In the very first night game in Brooklyn, as a matter of fact, in the whole city of New York,  the Cincinnati Reds took on the …

Today in Baseball: Giants explain promotion of Willie Mays in almost apologetical ad

Today, 69 years ago, the New York Giants placed a large ad in the Minnesota Sunday Times that was almost apologetical to the Minneapolis Millers fans. In the ad, the Giants explain why they promoted Willie Mays to the New York Giants.  At the time of his promotion, Mays was the best player on the …

Rick van den Hurk donates for charity

In a tweet and on his own website, Rick van den Hurk announced that he will have a weekly auction, to raise money for the Ronald McDonald Foundation. The Dutch-born pitcher from Eindhoven will donate game-used baseball items and equipment from teams he played for. Since his MLB debut with the Florida Marlins in …

Alex Bregman fires agent because of LeBron James?

  Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros, yes those Astros that cheated their way to the 2017 World Series win, has fired his agent. And it all has to do with LeBron James, who happens to have the same agent.  Leaving your agent because he represents basketball's allegedly biggest star? Sounds weird, doesn't it? Well, …

MLB is throwing away its own future

In the past decade, MLB suffered from a lack of interest of younger generations. Fewer kids are playing baseball as they have more sports to choose from. Next to football, soccer (real football) is emulating baseball. But with the proposed contraction of 42 minor league clubs, MLB will shoot itself in the foot in the …

Today in Baseball: Detroit Tigers field amateur team

Today, 108 years ago, the Detroit Tigers fielded mainly an amateur team against the Athletics in Philadelphia. Why? Continue reading and you'll find out. What was the reason, the Tigers refused to play? Well, in a game vs the Highlanders in New York a few days earlier, Cobb was heckled by a Highlander fan. He …

Baseball Shorts: A no-hitter retroactively

In today's episode of Baseball Shorts, we pay attention to a no-hitter that wasn't celebrated after the final out as it was only ruled a nono after the end of the game. On May 6, 1917, a scoring change by a panel of sportswriters after the game turned the game into a no-hitter. The panel …

Traditional alignment will disappear with introduction of DH in National League

For a couple of days, rumors are floating around that MLB wants to introduce the designated hitter in the National League in the upcoming season. If this is really the case, it will signal the end of baseball as we know it. Not only will a diverse baseball landscape disappear in which two leagues have …

MLB is bluffing its way through minor league contraction plans

When Major League Baseball presented its plans to contract 42 Minor League teams and eliminate Rookie ball and A-Short Season ball, most of the baseball community was in an uproar. MLB must have been chuckling as 42 contractions will likely not be the goal. Major League Baseball is a business and all businesses/companies aim high …

Today in Baseball: Lou Gehrig plays his final game

Today eighty-one years ago, Lou Gehrig played the final game of his career. The ailing first baseman of the New York Yankees went 0-4. The Iron Horse had a sub-par season until now as he only managed to collect four hits. Two days later, a day after a day off, Gehrig took himself out of …

Today in Baseball: Ty Cobb makes professional debut

Today 116 years ago, Ty Cobb made his first steps in professional baseball. On this day in 1904, the Georgia Peach debuted for the Augusta Tourists of the South Atlantic League (no ties with the current league that operates under the same name). At the age of 17, Cobb debuted for the Tourists with a …

Today in Baseball: Philly Phanatic introduced

Today, 42 years ago, the Philadelphia Phillies got rid of their two mascots Philadelphia Phil and Philadelphia Phillis and introduced their new mascot which entertains the fans until today. In a game vs the Cubs at Veterans Stadium, the large, furry, green bipedal flightless bird made its first appearance in public. According to its official …

MLB doesn’t show itself in its best light…again

In the past months, some things have happened that put MLB in a bad light. The proposed plan to cut 42 teams from Minor League Baseball and the unwillingness to stop the MLB season due to the coronavirus and the way it treated the cheating of the Houston Astros and recently the Boston Red Sox. …

Minor League Baseball contradicts latest news

In a statement, Minor League Baseball denies there is an agreement on cutting 42 minor league teams.  Earlier today, you could read a blog post based on an article by Baseball America. In this blogpost and article, it was stated that MiLB was about to give in to the demands of Major League Baseball regarding …

Minor League Baseball about to fall for the con artists of MLB

According to Baseball America, there will be a video conference between Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball on Wednesday. According to the baseball magazine, a source with insight into the thinking of both parties, MLB and MiLB have already agreed on a number of the major outstanding issues regarding the contraction of 42 MiLB …

Today in Baseball: Yankee Stadium opens its doors

Today, 97 years ago, the first official game was played at Yankee Stadium. The Boston Red Sox were beaten 4-1 thanks to a home run by Babe Ruth. After John McGraw of the New York Giants made clear he didn't want to Yankees to return to the Polo Grounds after the 1922 season, the Yankees …

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