Rhys Hoskins does what greedy MLB owners should do

Yours truly doesn’t pay attention to MLB anymore, but in this case, I gladly make an exception. Earlier today, the Dutch Baseball Hangout posted an article about certain MLB clubs forcing their MiLB players at alternate training sites to pay for their housing. Also players are not allowed to stay with host families due to corona. Understandable. But instead of supporting them and arrange housing, MLB clubs let their minor leaguers deal with the problem themselves.

With their scarce money, the minor leaguers earn, they have to rent an apartment.
Now one MLB player is doing what the greedy MLB owners should have done already.

Rhys Hoskins, the first baseman of the Philadelphia Phillies will auction his cleats to raise money to support minor leaguers with financial guidance, housing assistance and more.
You can wonder if the money that is raised with this auction, is enough to do all of the aforementioned but it is a start.

I’d like to encourage you to click on the tweet and read the comments. The vast majority is burning the Phillies and MLB for not paying their minor leaguers a livable wage.

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