Corona starting to influence Dutch baseball as well

Recently you could read here about the coronavirus hitting Italian, Japanese and Korean baseball. Now the virus is influencing parts of Dutch baseball as well.

With the virus spreading steadily in the Netherlands, there is one province that it is hit the hardest of them all: Noord-Brabant.

Several instances advice to cancel all sport matches in that province for the upcoming weekend. Also the advice is given to cancel games outside the province with teams from Noord-Brabant involved.

As a result, the KNBSB (Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation) has decided to follow the advice. Games with officials from the Federation will be cancelled. For games with club umpires but with opponents from Noord-Brabant, the Federation advices to cancel them as well.

Due to this policy, a practice game in which Oosterhout Twins would host Hoboken Pioneers from Belgium has been cancelled.

It remains to be seen how things will develop but if this measure is extended, it may affect Oosterhout Twins’ preparation on the upcoming season in a serious way.

The coronavirus may eventually cause a postponement of the start of the 2020 baseball season. As a result of the virus and the postponement of the final Olympic Qualifier, the start of the season has been moved forward to April 16 instead of April 23.

As soon as there is any news about an eventual postponement of the season, you will read it here.

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