MLB is bluffing its way through minor league contraction plans

When Major League Baseball presented its plans to contract 42 Minor League teams and eliminate Rookie ball and A-Short Season ball, most of the baseball community was in an uproar. MLB must have been chuckling as 42 contractions will likely not be the goal.

Major League Baseball is a business and all businesses/companies aim high when it comes to cutting costs. Most of the time companies claim to cut a certain number of jobs. But after negotiations with unions, the companies seem to give in and reduce the number of jobs that will be laid off.

That is exactly the way MLB is working now. Manfred and the MLB owners aim high but you can count on it that the actual number of teams to be contracted will be lower. If this contraction plan was a fait accompli, MLB would not even negotiate. The number of teams that will be contracted will be a lot less than the projected 42 for sure. In this way, it looks like MiLB managed to save a number of clubs but in reality, the agreed number of cuts is exactly the number MLB aimed for. By aiming high and reducing the number of teams to be contracted eventually, it looks like MLB will give in to the wishes of MiLB.

Let’s hope that the negotiators of MiLB will see through this bluff poker by Major League Baseball and give them a run for their money.

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