Also KBO postpones season

After the NPB decided to postpone the upcoming Japanese baseball season, the KBO decided to do the same in Korea.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor KBO baseballYesterday the NPB announced to push back the start of the 2020 baseball season. The start of the season is now scheduled for somewhere in April. The league has decided to do so after close talks with the J-League, Japan’s professional soccer league. It will all depend on the development of the corona outbreak whether the NPB season will really start in April.

Today, the Korean Baseball Organization followed the NPB by announcing it would postpone the 2020 KBO season for an undisclosed period. After China, Korea is the country with the most corona victims in Asia.

On Sunday, the FIBS, Italy’s governing baseball and softball body, announced to postpone the season until April 17, after the Italian government decided to impose a travel ban for several Northern provinces. In the meantime, Italy is in a complete lockdown as the travel restrictions apply for the whole country now.

Likely it is a matter of time before other baseball leagues decide to postpone the season.  For now MLB is clinging on to the scheduled start of the season but with the lack of proper measures by the American government, don’t be surprised if MLB decides to postpone the season as well.

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