Today in Baseball: Some DH Firsts

Today, 48 years ago, the designated hitter made its first appearance in the American League. On this day, there were some firsts regarding this newly created “position.”

On the Opening Day game in Boston between the Red Sox and the Yankees, Ron Bloomberg of the Yankees is the first designated hitter in the AL. In the first inning, he draws a bases-loaded walk but in the third inning, he becomes the first DH to collect a hit. His counter part of the Red Sox, Orlando Cepeda becomes the first DH going 0 for 6. Despite his woes, the Red Sox trounce the Yankees 15-5. Perhaps the Yankees had to get used to their new uniforms as the club was the last to adopt polyester unis on this day.

In Oakland, Tony Olivera becomes the first DH to hit a homer. The Minnesota Twins’ DH hits a first inning two-run round-tripper off future Hall of Famer Catfish Hunter and helps the Twins to defeat the A’s 8-3.

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