Today in Baseball: Game Called Due To Lack Of Baseballs

Today, 86 years ago, an exhibition game between the Boston Braves and the North Carolina State Wolfpack was called due to a lack of baseballs.

When the lowly Boston Braves were on their way back home after spring training, they halted in Raleigh, North Carolina to take on the Wolfpack in an exhibition game. Not much as a surprise, the MLB players went on to beat the college team 6-2.

But the game would not last longer than seven innings as it was called after the 100 baseballs, that were put aside for this game, were all used.

A remarkable feat: the 40-year old Babe Ruth would strike out on a two-strike curve ball, pitched by Wolfpack southpaw Olney Ray Freeman, who would brag about the fact that he struck out Babe Ruth, until his death in 2008. This year with the Braves will be Ruth’s last season that he even doesn’t finish.

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