Various Transactions in The Dutch Hoofdklasse

As we have paid attention to the top four teams already, we will pay attention to the remaining five teams and the transactions they made for the 2022 season. The following teams will be put into the spotlight: Quick Amersfoort, Silicon Storks, Hoofddorp Pioniers, RCH-Pinguïns, and DSS/Kinheim.

Quick Amersfoort

Een gezellige honk- en softbalclub op elk niveau - BSC Quick

A lot of players came and a lot of players went. The team will also have a new manager, Marlon Frolijk. He earned a promotion to the Hoofdklasse with RCH-Pinguïns but decided to leave for Amersfoort anyway.

Quick has acquired the following players.

Braden Lee (from RCH-Pinguïns)
Dave van Leersum (from Tridents, Neptunus’ farm team)
Wally Vrolijk (from Aruba)
Jack Wagner (from HCAW)

Rodney Daal (from HCAW)

1B Marvin Jacobus (from UVV)
Alex Madera (from University of Central Missouri)
Iriving Redan (from Wassenaar)
3B Rodney Daal

Ibrahin Redan (from Silicon Storks)
Darryl Williams (from RCH-Pinguïns)

The following players left the club or hung up their spikes:

RHP Thomas Adler (back to Germany)
RHP Anferrney Hoeve
RHP Johannes Veroen Garcia
RHP Jakob Syrén (back to Sweden)
RHP Oscar Syrén (back to Sweden)
RHP Giovanni Tensen (back to Solingen Alligators)
C/1B Arthur Lugtmeijer (unknown)
C Rowan van Hoek (retired)
2B Brandon Rijnbergen (farm team of HCAW)
Rachid Engelhardt (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)

Silicon Storks

Silicon Storks was lucky enough to be kept in the Dutch hoofdklasse after they lost the relegation series against RCH-Pinguïns. A lot of players left the club, more than the club was able to acquire. Don’t be surprised if the club will acquire several players from Curaçao or Aruba to fill the voids. Now the hoofdklasse becomes a closed circuit, the club can work on building a farm system again.

New players for 2022:

Mike van den Berg (from Tridents )
Johannes Veroen Garcia (from Quick Amersfoort)

Louis Gonzales (from Euro Stars)

Quendryson Remilia (from Curaçao)

Vladimir Sebastiana (college, unknown which one)

The following players left the club or hung up their spikes:

LHP Nelmerson Angela (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
LHP Jiairo Samboe (Roef!, Moergestel)
RHP Joel Martis (RCH-Pinguïns)
RHP Jayden Gonesh (Curaçao Neptunus)
IF Jeandre Jacopucci (Roef!)
1B Sheadion Jamanika (Curaçao Neptunus)
3B Brendly Martina (HCAW)
C Yurdion Martie (RCH-Pinguïns)
OF/LHP Renaigel Martis (RCH-Pinguïns)
OF/DH Ibrahin Redan (Quick Amersfoort)
OF Brandon Sint Jago (Hoofddorp Pioniers)
OF Roy Winkel (Hoofddorp Pioniers)
UItility player Joran Berkhout (going to play softball)

Hoofddorp Pioniers

Hoofddorp Pioniers JS1 - RCH-PINGUINS Heemstede

Hoofddorp Pioniers saw a lot of players leave and only a limited number of players join the club. A total of seven players left the club and only four committed to the club.

The new players for the 2022 season are:

Tsaun Martina (from Aruba)
Benjamin Meyer (from UVV)

Brandon Sint Jago (Silicon Storks)
Roy Winkel (Silicon Storks)

The players that left the club are:

RHP Sander Helmendach (retired)
LHP Ryan Huntington (Oosterhout Twins)
LHP Sebastian Kok (RCH-Pinguïns)
RHP Sem Lauf (to the farm team of Pioniers)
RHP Scott Prins (L&D Amsterdam PIrates)
1B/DH Jair Bogaerts (HCAW as assistant coach)
OF Nathan Berkel (HCAW)

RHP Angelo Wicklert is residing on the DL for 2022.


Recently promoted RCH-Pinguïns saw a lot of new players join the club. This was born out of necessity as several players left the club as they didn’t want to play in the hoofdklasse.
Next to several new players, the club also acquired a new head coach in Nicky Heij as Marlon Frolijk joined Quick Amersfoort.

The new faces are:

Calvin Andringa (from DSS/Kinheim)
Sebastian Kok (from Hoofddorp Pioniers)
Finn Kragt (from the farm team of L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
Joel Martis (from Silicon Storks)
Sven van de Sanden (from the farm team of DSS/Kinheim)

Leandro Anasagasti (from HCAW)
Yurdion Martie (from Silicon Storks)

Sebastiaan van der Horst (from the farm team of L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
Thomas Kwakernaak (from the farm team of L&D Amsterdam Pirates)

Paris Aguilera Zayas (from the farm team of DSS/Kinheim)
Mart Blijleven (from the farm team of DSS/Kinheim)
Renaigel Martis (from Silicon Storks)

The following players left the club or decided to play with a lower team of the club:

RHP Braden Lee (Quick Amersfoort)
RHP Maickel Rietel (Thamen, Uithoorn)
LHP Dion Steijl (Vennep Flyers, Nieuw Vennep)
2B Gianni Frolijk (to Germany)
IF Rossini Frolijk (Thamen)
1B/DH Ferd van Stekelenburg (RCH-Pinguïns 3)
3B Brett Thompson (back to the USA)
OF Darryl Williams (Quick Amersfoort)
Donny Hamelink (Vennep Flyers)
Joey Kuijsten (Cromtigers, Krommenie)


Alle DSS/Kinheim honkbal video's vind je hier |

The combo team of two neighboring clubs from Haarlem called up four players from its farm team. These players all played several games for the flagship team in 2021 already. Next to these four, four more players from other clubs joined the team.

Robyn Clara (from L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
Dorian Lippens (from the farm team of L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
Kaien Oukes (from the farm team of HCAW)
Rick Rizvic (from the farm team of DSS/Kinheim)

Matis Crouwel (from the farm team of DSS/Kinheim)
Sem Kuijper (from the farm team of DSS/Kinheim)

Tijmen Nagel (from the farm team of DSS/Kinheim)
Matis Crouwel

Jesse Velders (from the farm team of HCAW)

A total of five players decided to join other clubs or call it quits:

LHP Calvin Andinga (RCH-Pinguïns)
RHP Tom Stuifbergen (retired)
RHP Glen Wassink (retired, becomes pitching instructor)
SS Tommy van de Sanden (L&D Amsterdam Pirates)
1B Mick van Vliet (retired)

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