SoftBank Hawks add Wladimir Balentien to NPB Roster

It has been announced that Curaçao-born Wladimir Balentien will be added to the NPB roster of the SoftBank Hawks. This will happen on May 18.

The other day, Wladimir Balentien came up with a somewhat vague Tweet, saying that God’s timing is perfect.

The only thing that yours truly could think of, was his eventual addition to the NPB roster. The replies on this tweet made it even more likely but there was still no official news about an eventual addition of Balentien to the NPB roster.

So yours truly contacted some Japanese sources and one of them came up with the confirmation and that there was news about Balentien’s addition.

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According to, the 37-year old outfielder will join the Hawks for the matchup with the Seibu Lions on May 18. Since his addition to the Ni-Gun team after a two week quarantine, Balentien has hit seven home runs but his batting average stayed behind with a subpar .206.

But in his last Ni-Gun game, Balentien proved to be ready as he went 2 for 2 with two RBI and a walk, according to With Alfredo Despaigne absent due to an injury, Balentien must seize the opportunity.

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