A Walk Along European Foul Lines

Another overview of played games in Europe’s major baseball countries.


Baseball Bundesliga 2021

As usual, we take off in Austria where some extra games were played on Ascension Day.

The Traiskirchen Grasshoppers pushed over the Schwechat Bats in the first game of a three-game series 12-1 in seven innings. The other two games also lasted seven frames as the Grasshoppers won 16-6 and 17-6.

The Dornbirn Indians also needed seven innings on Thursday to beat the Hard Bulls 19-6.
On Sunday, the Indians took on the Feldkirch Cardinals in a doubleheader. Both games were easy wins for the Indians. The first game was won in seven innings 17-0, the second game 8-0 in five innings. Unfortunately, the website of the Austrian Baseball Federation isn’t functioning properly, so yours truly cannot check why the game lasted only five innings.

So far the season of the Attnang-Puchheim Athletics isn’t panning out the way they wished. But on Saturday, the team beat the Hard Bulls twice: 9-5 and 2-0.

In the Vienna derby, the Vienna Metrostars hosted the Vienna Wanderers on Sunday. Both games were a very close affair in which the Metrostars stayed at the right side of the score: 3-2 and 6-5.

Czech Republic

Baseball in Europe Slowly Taking Off | Dutch Baseball Hangout

In a battle of the bottom two teams, Blesk Jablonec clinched the series in the first two games as it beat Olympia Blansko 12-5 and 5-3. The third game was canceled.

Title candidate Draci (Dragons) Brno, clinched the series by winning the first two games vs Trebic Nuclears 4-2 on Friday and 10-3 on Saturday. On Sunday, Draci completed the sweep by beating Trebic in a close game 3-2.

Also Arrows Ostrava won the first two games of the three-game series vs Hrosi Brno. The Arrows beat the Hippos on Saturday 9-4 and 10-3. Third game went to Hrosi Brno as they beat Ostrava 12-11.

In a matchup between the nr. two in the standings (Sokol Hluboká) vs the nr. eight (Kotlárka Praha), Sokol stayed at the right side of the score twice. In game one they beat Kotlárka 9-1 and in game two 3-2. Kotlárka took the third match 8-6.

In a derby of Prague teams, Tempo Praha and Eagles Praha split the first two games. In game one, the Eagles won with the closest possible margin of one run: 10-9. Game two was also a close affair as Tempo beat the Eagles by one run as well: 7-6. So it all came down to the rubber game on Sunday. In that rubber game, the Eagles prevailed as they beat Tempo 4-3.


A double round in the Southern Division in the German Baseball Bundesliga.

On Ascension Day, game two of the doubleheader between the Mannheim Tornados and the Munich-Haar Disciples was canceled. Game one was won by the Tornados 18-12.

The Heidenheim Heideköpfe roped two victories to the chariot as they swept the Tübingen Hawks 18-2 and 16-1.

The Mainz Athletics swept the IT-Sure Falcons from Ulm: 13-7 and 16-6 on Thursday.

The Guggenberger Legionäre from Regensburg took on the Stuttgart Reds on Wednesday night and Thursday. In both games the Legionäre stepped off the field as the victor. The game on Wednesday was won 9-3, the game on Thursday 10-8.

On Saturday, the bottom two teams, Tübingen Hawks and IT-Sure Falcons faced each other. In both matches, Tübingen prevailed: 16-6 and 15-0, leaving the Falcons as the only team witout a win in the Southern Division.

The Heideköpfe went on where they left on Thursday by beating their opponent. This time the Mannheim Tornados was the punching bag. Game one was won 16-1 and in game two, the Heideköpfe were victorious as they beat the Tornados 9-0.

On Saturday, the Mainz Athletics did not stand a chance vs the Stuttgart Reds as they fell 17-0. On Sunday, the Athletics did not farm much better as they lost 3-15.

In a Bavarian get-together, the Guggenberger Legionäre beat the Munich-Haar Disciples 12-8 on Saturday. On Sunday, the Disciples also stayed at the wrong side of the score as they fell to Regensburg 6-0.

The only game in the Northern Division was in Dortmund, where the Wanderers hosted the Solingen Alligators. Game one ended with a kind of handball score 17-12 with Solingen as the winner. Game two was a rather close affair in which Solingen also stayed at the right side of the score.

The Netherlands

Bekijk de Hoofdklasse wedstrijden live! | Honkbalsite

Thursday’s games:

Saturday’s games:

Sunday’s games:



The usual suspects won their games in easy fashion on Saturday.
The Tenerife Marlins beat CBS Rivas Baseball 21-8 and 12-0. Astros Valencia stayed at the right side of the score twice vs CBS Sant Boi: 9-2 and 6-1.

San Inazio swept CBS Toros 10-0 and 12-5.

CBS Viladecans beat CBS Miralbueno in both games on Saturday: 10-7 and 11-1.

CBS Barcelona climbed out of the cellar into eleventh place after clinching its second win of the season vs Beisbol Navarra (11-8). The first game between the two was won by Navarra 14-9.

The doubleheader between CBS Antorcha Béisbol and CBS Gavà ended in two victories for Antorcha (14-4 and 8-7).

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