Belgian baseball activities postponed until May 18 at least

Finally some news about the Belgian baseball competition and the coronavirus. When you check the website of the Belgian Baseball and Softball Federation, you won’t find a lot of info. One better check the websites of the regional federations VBSL (Flemish Baseball and Softball League) and LFBBS (Ligue Francophone Belge de Baseball et Softball).

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'VBSL'In this case, the website of the VBSL released some news on April 28 regarding the future continuation of the Belgian competition.

After the Belgian government announced new regulations regarding the coronavirus, the VBSL took a stance on the eventual start of baseball activities. In fact, there will be no activities until May 18. But according to its website, the Flemish League has some good hope that after May 18 baseball activities can be started carefully.

But of course, May 18 is not a fixed date yet. It all depends on how the fight against the coronavirus will develop. Just like in many other European countries, the number of contaminations and the number of patients in intensive care are going down.

In the coming weeks, the VBSL will be in close contact with the Belgian authorities to make sure baseball activities can be resumed in the safest possible way.

The Flemish baseball board sends out the advice to its clubs to prepare for the restart of baseball activities in the field of equipment, promotion, and administration.

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