MLB owners show their true colors

Recently, MLB decided to step up for minor leaguers and pay them for the time they could not work due to the coronavirus. Eventually, it looked like the owners did the right thing. But appearances are deceptive.
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The other day the news was announced that several MLB clubs had fired a total of 145 players, mostly minor leaguers. So instead of helping their employees through a hard time in which they cannot work, they rather throw them to the wolves. Instead of helping them out, the owners rather save some pennies. Greed in its purest form.

MLB owners make millions with a product that (still) attracts millions of fans. A product that sells for billions in merchandise. A product that attracts TV deals (for some clubs better than others). But still, they are penny pinchers.

Unfortunately, it is not clear which players are fired and at which level they played. But it is said that the majority of these players made the whopping amount of $400 per week. So in total, this would be $58,000 per week. Sure it is not an amount I have in my wallet every day, but for MLB owners it is peanuts. It is also not clear which clubs sacked these 145 players.

What on earth makes these owners think they just can lay off 145 players in the midst of a pandemic? Do they like to make people feel miserable? It shows they do not have a single bit of decency in their body as they hide behind a pandemic and cut costs.

But that’s not all.

MLB plans to start the 2020 season and play all games in Arizona. Without fans in the stands that is. But still, it is not a good plan. The most up-to-date figures about the coronavirus in Arizona have reported 2,575 cases of COVID-19 and 73 deaths as of Tuesday (April 7), according to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). So it is not that Arizona has not been hit by the virus.

In Japan, the start of the season was pushed back but the NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball) decided to play the scheduled games as practice games. Without fans. But guess what. Three members of the Hanshin Tigers were contaminated with the virus, despite the empty stadiums. As a result, all practice games were cancelled.

If 30 teams of 25 players (750 in total) are playing a game in a state that has been hit by the coronavirus as well, do you think it will prevent the players from being contaminated? It is only a matter of time.

But also, in this case, MLB owners do not care about their employees. The only thing they care about is their bank account. They rather play poor, to have it their way. Should I feel sorry for them? No way. I can only feel sorry for those people who are forced to stay home as they have corona-like symptoms; people who are paid a one-time alms by the US government. I cannot feel sorry for persons who can financially survive this pandemic effortlessly but still show their greed by cutting 145 players in their hour of need.

I have said it before and I say it again: The owners don’t give a damn about the players. They don’t give a damn about us, the fans. It is time for us fans to turn our back to MLB and its owners.

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