Brewers’ new logo leaked

According to Chris Creamer’s, which is an authority in that area, the new logo of the Milwaukee Brewers is leaked. A 2020 baseball card of the mascot Bernie Brewer shows the new logo.

What has been rumored for years will happen in 2020. The Milwaukee Brewers will return to their classic MB ball-in-glove logo. But apparently, the current owners want to give it their own twist as the logo has some changes.

Next to the darker shade of blue than the background of the original logo used to have, the logo itself has undergone some changes as well. First of all, the new logo shows some webbing and the ball is clearly different as two seams are shown. Also the ball-in-glove logo doesn’t come alone as it is part of a circular logo that sports the name Milwaukee Brewers as well.

The original ball-in-glove logo was adopted in 1978 and would remain the Brewers’ logo for sixteen years to come. Like many other teams, as part of a Friday turn-back-the-clock promotion, the Brewers re-introduced the logo and the uniform it belonged to in 2006. In the seasons that followed, the use of the logo was increased slowly. Last season, the club wore the throwback uniforms in 52 of their 162 games.

You can count on a change in uniforms as well. It remains unclear what the new uniforms will look like. It is also unclear when the new logo will be introduced officially. According to Chris Creamer, it is likely the new logo will be introduced shortly after the World Series. It could be that the new uniforms will be presented then as well.

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