Hanshin Tigers unveil new unis

Today, the Hanshin Tigers of the NPB presented their new 2020 uniforms. The home uniforms aren’t that much different of the ones they had in previous years but the road uniform is refreshingly new. 

Next to the black pinstripes, the home uniform has this black piping up along the buttonholes. Instead of the regular tiger head on the left sleeve, there is a patch with the number 85. The club will celebrate its 85th anniversary in 2020.  The club also sports the classic black/yellow home cap with the classic black/yellow TH logo.

So far not much is new.

But when it comes to the road uniform, the club has adopted a refreshing design. The jersey is gray on top and slowly turns to white at the bottom of it. The gray part also has some stain-like design with several shades of gray. The road jersey is adorned with piping as well. A yellow/black line is running up along the buttonholes.

The cap is black with a gray lid with the same design as the gray part of the jersey. It has a black TH logo with a yellow outline. The cap is completed by gray eyelets.

2 Replies to “Hanshin Tigers unveil new unis”

  1. What do you think about these? Especially the road outfits. Personally, I thought they should have rolled with the same ones they used in 2019. Those were sick. These are a mistake.


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