WBSC blocks private promotional initiative

The first INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL DREAM BASEBALL CUP (IPDBC) will be postponed until January/February 2020. The main reason is that the private initiative is not acknowledged by the WBSC and the Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation (RFEBS).

EUROPEAN BASEBALL CUP 2019The International Professional Dream Baseball Cup is an initiative by 4Big Sports Events. The tournament is meant as a promotion for baseball and several former Big Leaguers would participate, players like Miguel Tejada, Orlando Hernandez, and Luis Sojo.

But since this is a private initiative outside the jurisdiction of the WBSC and the RFEBS, the latter two are not willing to allow it. According to the rules of the WBSC, only that governing body and those federations who are associated with the WBSC are allowed to organize baseball-related events.

Reading this, the fight between the (now defunct) Euro League Baseball and the CEB/KNBSB comes to mind. The latter two did everything to block this great initiative, even altering the rules.

The International Professional Dream Baseball Cup, also known as European Baseball Cup, was scheduled to be played in Andalusia, Spain at the end of 2019. But thanks to the stubbornness of the WBSC and RFEBS, it is very unlikely the event will ever take off.  It is unheard that the WBSC, an organization that claims to promote the game of baseball worldwide is not willing to cooperate. Like the CEB and KNBSB with the Euro League Baseball, it is clear that the WBSC is afraid to lose influence. According to the website of the event, the WBSC even try to stop them with threats and blackmail.

In 2017, the European Commission told the ISU (International Skate Federation) they were not allowed to block speed skaters from participating in commercial speedskating events. According to the European Commission, the attitude of the ISU conflicted with the competition law of the European Union. So this judgment may be in favor of 4Big Sports Events.

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