Baseball Shorts: The Longest Perfect Relief Outing

Normally, relief outings last only a few innings with one exception: When a long man is brought in. In that case, a starting pitcher that didn't make the rotation, is sent to the mound because the actual starter's stuff isn't working. 114 years ago, something similar happened with a notable feat that the game ended …

Would players like Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth be able to compete in modern day baseball?

For years I have been wondering if players like Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb would be able to keep up with modern day baseball. For years I couldn't tell as I didn't know how hard pitchers threw back then. Until today. Today I watched the documentary "Fastball." And in that documentary featured a story about …

Today in Baseball: Game Called Due To Lack Of Baseballs

Today, 86 years ago, an exhibition game between the Boston Braves and the North Carolina State Wolfpack was called due to a lack of baseballs. When the lowly Boston Braves were on their way back home after spring training, they halted in Raleigh, North Carolina to take on the Wolfpack in an exhibition game. Not …

Rare footage of Babe Ruth’s and Lou Gehrig’s barnstorming tour

Back in 1927, teammates Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig went on a barnstorming tour in California. With their teams the Bustin' Babes and the Larrupin' Lou's they visited several towns and cities in California and in other states. In those days, MLB players did not earn the exorbitant amounts of today. Babe Ruth may have …

Today in Baseball / Baseball Shorts: No More Bouncing Home Runs

Today, ninety years ago, the rules committee made an important decision that would cut down the number of home runs in baseball. On this day in 1930, the rules committee decided that a ball that bounces into the stands will no longer be a home run but will become a ground-rule double. Babe Ruth's total …

Today in Baseball: Babe Ruth hits final Home run of his Career

Today, Babe Ruth hit a mammoth home run that clears the roof of Forbes Field. It would be the Great Bambino's final (714th) home run of his career, only to be broken by Hank Aaron 39 years later. During the game vs the Pittsburgh Pirates, Ruth hit three dingers and a single. Nevertheless, the Boston …

Baseball Shorts: Where does the word Barnstorming come from?

Some years ago, you could read a blog post about Barnstorming Tours. In that blog post it was explained what a barnstorming tour was but the origin of the word barnstorming was not explained. In this blog post it will. Barnstorming tours were a common thing in the 1920s and 1930s. Both Negro League teams …

Today in Baseball: Lou Gehrig plays his final game

Today eighty-one years ago, Lou Gehrig played the final game of his career. The ailing first baseman of the New York Yankees went 0-4. The Iron Horse had a sub-par season until now as he only managed to collect four hits. Two days later, a day after a day off, Gehrig took himself out of …

Babe Ruth’s jersey sold for $5.6 million

An auction at Yankee Stadium brought together some fine Babe Ruth memorabilia. Piece de Resistance was a road jersey that was worn by the Bambino. This jersey was reportedly sold for a whopping $5.6 million, a record-breaking amount. At Yankee Stadium, more than 400 items were brought in for an auction, mostly by his family …

This day in baseball: The highest paid player

In the wake of the Bryce Harper lunacy, today a blog post about two players that were the highest paid players in their days. Regarding the money they got, none could stand in the shadow of Harper's $330 million. On this day in 1927, a certain Yankee player became the highest paid player ever as …

How the Red Sox made the Yankees a dynasty

Many may think that the sale of Babe Ruth to the Yankees led to the downfall of the Red Sox. That isn't entirely true. In the following years, Yankees owner Jacob Ruppert would raid the Red Sox for more players that laid the foundation of a dynasty and changed the Red Sox from contenders to …

Ballparks around the world: Historic Stan Galle Field, the cradle of Cuban baseball

This time in Ballparks Around the World Historic Stan Galle Field (also called the Pit), home of the Spring Hill College Badgers, a NCAA Division II baseball team. Historic Stan Galle Field is the oldest continuous used diamond in the United States. The very first game at Historic Stan Galle Field was played in 1889 …

Minor League History: Florida-Alabama-Georgia League (FLAG League)

The Florida-Alabama-Georgia League saw the light in 1915 as the Georgia State League changed its name when the Americus team moved to Gainesville FL and a team in Dothan AL was added. This happened in June 1915. The Georgia State League had previously been known as the Empire State League. The FLAG league started the …

Minor League history: (South) Dakota League

The South Dakota League and the Dakota League were one and the same league that changed names twice during its existence from 1920-1923. The South Dakota League was founded in 1920 as a class D league. In that first year, the league contained eight teams, all from South Dakota. Cities represented: Aberdeen, SD: Aberdeen Boosters …

Yankees by the numbers: one uniform number less to play with

Coming Friday, the Yankees will sign Bernie Williams to a minor league contract, after which he will retire as a Yankee. This will happen nine years after he played his final game with the American League team from New York. The Yankees will retire his number 51 one month later on May 24. The former …

Baseball Miscellaneaous 2

Another post that merges a few short news items. The Nashville Sounds will add an exhibition about the Negro League past of Nashville. On the councourse, photos and artefacts will be displayed to show the fans what the history of Nashville baseball is about. That history covers a period of 130 years. But not only …

A-Rod is becoming a persona non grata with Yankees

Remember when the Yankees robbed Alex Rodriguez away from the Red Sox back in 2003? The Red Sox were close in striking a deal with the Rangers when the Yankees made a better offer. Rodriguez was laureled as a new hero. How things can change. After serving a year of suspension after being accused of …

Boston, Milwaukee and New York, a deja-vu for some players

I love the pic shown above. It shows Hank Aaron on the left and Willie Mays on the right. This is a picture with some historic significance. It shows two players with uniforms of the towns they started their career at, but uniforms of two totally different clubs. The picture also shows something that I …

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