Arm Barn Instead of Bullpen?

Once again there is some controversy about a name in baseball. This time not about a club but about the area where relief pitchers “reside” during a game: the bullpen.

The animal rights organization PETA seems to have some problems with the name bullpen. According to them, the name refers to the area where they put bulls before they are slaughtered. 

Instead the use of bullpen, they propose the word arm barn…

How much yours truly appreciates the work of animal rights organizations, this political correctness is getting ridiculous.

I wonder if bulls are offended by the use of the word bullpen. The word arm barn, on the other hand, can be offensive for people without arms. Yours truly think it is pretty baseless. Oh wait, baseball and baseless, that’s pretty much impossible. Otherwise the sport would have been called just ball.

PETA, one request. Just focus on your good work regarding animal rights but leave baseball alone (when it comes to names of baseball institutions).