One of Those Wacky MiLB promotions

Minor League Baseball is known for its wacky promotions to lure fans to the ballparks. Next week, the Missoula Paddleheads will have one that includes a certain alcoholic beverage.

The Missoula Paddleheads of the “independent” Pioneer League (you know, one of those leagues that that were cut by MLB to save the greedy MLB owners $700,000 per year) will have a “Free” Beer night on May 28.

Free is a rather relative word in this case. In order to get this “free” beer, one has to purchase a T-shirt that says “I love free beer.”

And the Paddleheads have built in a security measure. The promotion lasts as long as the opponent, the Idaho Falls Chukars, doesn’t score a run. With some luck, Missoula’s pitching staff will pitch a shutout. When you have bad luck, the Chukars will hit a leadoff home run in the first inning.

In case of the latter example, this promotion may sound like a rip off. But the T-shirt will also be valid on a second Free beer night, on Saturday August 21, when the Great Falls Voyagers will be the opponent.

Let’s hope that those who buy the T-shirt will be responsible and walk home or take a taxi.

One Reply to “One of Those Wacky MiLB promotions”

  1. Well said Yours Truly!! Still I like the idea of this Freebee(r) and I’m sure it triggers interest. And I’d take my chances on a freebeer compared to our State Lottery, there’s is even an extra drawing!

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