“Independent” Pioneer League rebrands

As the Pioneer League will enter a new phase in its life, the league has decided to rebrand. The league presented its new logo yesterday.

The Pioneer League now has a more stylized logo, showing the P of Pioneer, the year it was established and the states the teams (The Rocky Mountain Vibes and Grand Junction Rockies in Colorado, the Boise Hawks and Idaho Falls Chukars in Idaho, the Ogden Raptors in Utah, and the Missoula Paddleheads, Great Falls Voyagers, and Billings Mustangs in Montana) are from. The Northern Colorado Owlz (former Orem Owlz) will not play in 2021. The new logo is not as detailed as the old one by far.

There was nothing wrong with the previous logo, but yours truly likes this one better.

Pioneer League (baseball) - Wikipedia
The old Pioneer League logo

The league stated that the new identity is meant to reflect “a classic baseball look and feel while paying homage to the league’s rich history and location in the Mountain States region.”

But the league doesn’t come with just one logo. There is a new secondary logo that is even more stylized than the main logo:

The secondary logo shows the year of establishment as well. Sometimes the power of a logo lies in its simplicity, and that is the case with these two logos for sure.

Not only does the league come with two new logos, it has also restyled its website. The main banner emphasizes the Pioneer League is a “partner league” of MLB, even though many true baseball fans raise their eyebrows because of that status.

For the change, Brandiose did not have anything to do with this new logo. The new one was created by the North Carolina-based firm Project 13.

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