China Withdraws From Final Olympic Qualifier

The WBSC (World Baseball and Softball Confederation) announced today that China has withdrawn from the final Olympic Qualifier.

As a result, the tournament will be a five team event for which Chinese Taipei, Australia and the Kingdom of the Netherlands have qualified already.

The WBSC said that in light of all available information, the final qualifier will feature only five teams, and that the game schedule will reflect this.

The final Qualifier is scheduled from 16 to 20 June at Taichung International Baseball Stadium and Douliou Baseball Stadium in Taiwan.

No reasons were mentioned for the withdrawal of the Chinese national team. But don’t be surprised as the move is mainly political. Since Taiwan is regarded an apostate province by China, participating in a tournament on the island nation would be a recognition of its existence. Besides that, there have been a lot of tensions between the two nations lately.

The other two participants will come from the American Qualifier as the numbers two and three will have a final shot in Taiwan.

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