More Dutch Hoofdklasse Clubs Start Crowdfunding

Recently, you could read about Silicon Storks having started a crowdfunding to support the club during these harsh times. It appeared that at least one other Dutch hoofdklasse club has started a crowdfunding before Storks started one. Now another club has followed in its footsteps.

Honkbalclub BSC Quick kiest voor 360SI ...

The other club that started a crowdfunding before Silicon Storks started one is Quick Amersfoort. The club started it on March 11 to get support for the required corona tests that will cost the club quite a dime to be able to prepare for the upcoming 2021 season. So far 1,072 Euros of a projected 5,000 Euros has been collected. If you are interested in supporting the club, here is the link to their go fund me page.

Today, Oosterhout Twins came up with their own crowdfunding. Through Facebook, the club asked its followers and fans for support to be able to pay the 200 Euro weekly costs for corona tests as the club also prepares for the upcoming season. The club provided the bank account of a foundation called “Stichting tot steun aan Twins.” The bank account of this foundation is NL78 RABO 0139 9713 00.

In its newsletter, L&D Amsterdam Pirates also announced to start a crowdfunding but no information about that one is known yet.

In all cases, your help is welcome. If any new crowdfunding initiatives of Dutch hoofdklasse teams will be announced, you will read about it here as well.

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