Gastonia Honey Hunters unveil look for 2021

The newest team in professional baseball and one of the newest in the Atlantic League, the Gastonia Honey Hunters have unveiled their new uniforms yesterday. Nice looking uniforms with some even nicer twists.

The Gaston Gazette was one of the first to show the new uniforms. The team comes up with three uniforms: An all white home uni, an all gray road uni, and a Sunday uniform that sports a black jersey on a white pants.

Schermafbeelding 2021-03-21 om 09.27.04

The white uniform is white (of course) with a black trimming along the buttons up, around the neck and down along the buttons again. The jersey sports the name HoneyHunters in a somewhat aslope black script with a yellow outline. Beneath the name, there is a uniform number.Both sleeves are adorned with a Honey Hunters logo. The same logos can be seen on the sleeves of the road and Sunday jersey.

The road jersey is gray with the name Gastonia in block letters, somewhat curved. A nice twist, that can also be seen on the Sunday jersey, is the honey that is dripping down from the name Gastonia (and Hunters of the Sunday jersey). The black letters have a yellow outline. In contrast with the home jersey, the road jersey has a yellow uniform number on the front. Along the button holes there is a black trimming running up, around the neck down again.

The Sunday jersey is black with black letters saying “Hunters”. The name Hunters has a yellow outline and also honey dripping down. Also the uniform number is yellow. The piping of this jersey is also yellow.

Another nice twist can be seen on the uniform numbers on the front and on the back of the jersey. The uniform numbers have honeycombs in each of them.

The authentic jerseys will be for sale from May 24.

2 Replies to “Gastonia Honey Hunters unveil look for 2021”

  1. i would like to know how can I purchased a jersey for someone special for his 50th birthday.


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