SK Wyverns renamed SSG Landers

Recently you could read here about the KBO’s SK Wyverns being sold to SSG. Today the new name of the club was announced.

KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) Logo Vector (.AI) Free Download

The new owners of the team, the Shinsegae Croup, named the club after its e-commerce arm SSG. The name Landers is a tribute to the city of Incheon and its airport and port.

Shinsegae Group announced on Friday that the Incheon club would be rebranded as the SSG Landers to express the team’s “willingness to become a new symbol of Incheon,” famous for both Incheon International Airport and Incheon Port.

According to, the name landers is also a reference to the plan of the new owner to “land” a new baseball culture in Incheon.

Before the Landers name was announced, rumors floated around that Shinsegae might name the team after electronics store chain Electro Mart, calling the team the SSG Electros. That name would have likely come complete with existing store mascot Electroman.

The wait is now for the new look of the team and of course the logos. As soon as they are presented, you will read it here.

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