SK Wyverns sold

SK Wyverns.png

The SK Wyverns of the Korean Baseball Organization, has been sold unexpectedly. The new owner will be retail giant Shinsegae Group, that has bought the club for approximately 100 million Euros (122 million USD).

On February 23rd, the official handover from the current owner SK Telecom to Shinsegae Group will take place. The new owner has to come up with a new name and a new logo before the start of the season. Likely, the name of the supermarket chain, Shinsegae Group is the owner of, E-Mart, will be incorporated in the name of the club.

The SK Wyverns were founded in 2000 after the Ssangbangwool Raiders’ owner, Ssangbangwool Group, was declared bankrupt and the team dissolved. The Wyverns collected the players of the Raiders. In their history, the Wyverns won the KBO championship four times (2007, 2008, 2010, and 2018). Last season the club finished in a dismal ninth place with a 51-92 record.

The Wyverns are located at Incheon, near the North Korean border and bordering the Yellow Sea.

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