Uniforms of Mavericks League trickle in

The newly established independent baseball league, the Mavericks League will contain four teams. It will be played in the ballpark of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes. One of the teams is the Salem Senators of which the uniform was presented a short while ago.

Mavericks Independent Baseball League

The name Senators refers to the capital of the State of Oregon of course. The design of the jersey pays homage to the State Capitol of Oregon with the golden pioneer at the top of its dome. In the design of the jersey, the golden pioneer transformed into a golden Senator to represent the new team. The black jersey features SENATORS in bold lettering across the chest outlined in gold set on a white background. The image of the State Capitol lies beneath in an offsetting light grey. The left sleeve of the jersey sports the Senators’logo, the right sleeve sports the US flag.

Not only the jersey shows the golden Senator but also the cap does. The cap is completed with a golden button on top. At the back of the hat, the Mavericks League logo completes the overall look, according to the website.

More uniforms will follow. As soon as a new one is unveiled, you will read it here.

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