Top three blog posts with most hits in 2020

To conclude 2020, the year we likely like to forget as soon as possible, the Dutch Baseball Hangout will sum up the top three of most popular blogposts in 2020. The funny thing is that the top article wasn’t even written in 2020 but in the year before.

3. Manny has offered himself, still negotiating with Parma
You will all remember the news about Manny Ramirez wanting to play baseball in Italy. The Dutch Baseball Hangout spent a couple of blog posts on the item. And this one was the most popular them with 1,186 hits. As his wife had set her mind to live in or near Milan, Manny thought it was a good idea to play in Parma in exchange for luxury like mansions, cars, and air travel.

2. Dramatic Changes in Minor League Landscape Become Clear
A lot has been written by the Dutch Baseball about the money grab move of MLB to cut 40-42 minor league teams. Most of them have been moved to “independent” leagues, some will likely vanish. The number two article in hits was about the changes that slowly became visible at the time. This blog post got a total of 1,434 hits in 2020.

1. Possible future Padres Jerseys
The no. one blog post of 2020 was created on March 2nd, 2019. In a time long before I turned my back on MLB, there was a lot to do about the possible new brown and yellow color setting of the future San Diego Padres jerseys. In this blog post I posted a couple of artist impressions about how the new uniforms of the Padres may look like. Eventually, the following options appeared to be right:

This is one of the uniforms the Padres are wearing now, except for the pinstriped pants.

This blogpost got a total of 1,685 hits, even after the Padres presented their new look in November 2019.

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