Bat King Europe, the online baseball convenience store

Recently you could read here about Bat King Europe and the Dutch Baseball Hangout teaming up for 2021. But there is more to tell about the new web shop.

Bat King Europe is the specialist that is storing the most popular bats for clubs and players in European wood bat leagues. Because of this, clubs do not need to store a big stock of bats at the start of the season. They can use the “never out of stock” top bats stored by Bat King Europe.

These bats are acquired directly from the producers in America: Marucci, Old Hickory, MaxBat and soon Victus as well. More than half of the MLB players use bats of one of these four brands (see the schedule below) and Bat King Europe is bringing them to Europe.

Now individual European players also have access to these top bats stored at Bat King Europe. Thanks to the super fast delivery (2 days in Europe), they will never be without their favorite bat during weekend games.

If you want more information or if you want to take a look at the bats Bat King Europe is selling, please go to or its Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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