Manny has offered himself, still negotiating with Parma

The other day you could read a blog post about persistent rumors of Manny Ramirez coming to Parma. According to, the former MLB star has offered himself and is still negotiating.

In the previous blog post, you could read that it would be the third time that Ramirez would come out of retirement.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Manny RamirezIt now appears that Ramirez has offered himself to Parma because his wife has set her mind on Milan. Since Parma is one of the top teams in the Italian Serie A1 and is roughly located 75 kilometers Southeast from Milan, the choice for that city is a logical one.

But since Ramirez has earned about $200 million, he doesn’t need the money. As a result, he is not asking for that. What he is asking for is luxury: villas, cars and air travel.

For now, it is not sure if both parties can hammer out a deal. If they do, it is for sure that Parma Baseball or Parmaclima as the club is officially called (after its sponsor) will need sponsors to make this possible.

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