MLB keeps protecting the Cheatros by punishing the wrong ones.

If it wasn’t clear that MLB is protecting the wrong ones, it became clear yesterday. Trevor Bauer wanted to wear cleats with the words “Free Joe Kelly” on it, but immediately after he presented the shoes, MLB stepped in and threatened to suspend him and levy “unprecedented fines.”


In the past weeks, MLB showed it is protecting the Houston Cheatros at all costs. First of all, Joe Kelly, who was suspended for eight games and fined after throwing a ball near the head of Astros third baseman Alex Bregman and then taunting shortstop Carlos Correa, which prompted the benches to clear during a July 28 game in Houston. Kelly appealed the discipline, but MLB reduced the suspension to five games. 

Then, two weeks ago, A’s center fielder Ramon Laureano was hit by a pitch two straight plate appearances on Sunday and was obviously not happy about it. Both parties started to yell and eventually, Laureano ran towards, Astros’ hitting coach Alex Cintron, who got suspended for 20 games. Laureano was suspended for 6 games originally but that was scaled down to 4 games. 

But what about the Astros’ pitcher that beaned Laureano twice? Any suspension? Nooooooo!!!. 

In an interview, Joe Kelly made clear that his behaviour towards the Astros comes from the way MLB has dealt with the cheating players.  Instead of punishing the players, (general) managers were sacrificed. It is clear that no blood doesn’t spill the way of those who are really responsible: the players. 

Now this case with Trevor Bauer even proves more that MLB is doing everything it can to protect the Astros’s players and it is punishing the wrong ones. 

Bauer stated: “It’s really unfair — given MLB has a relaxed cleat policy for the 2020 shortened season — and he went after commish Rob Manfredover it all late Wednesday night. Apparently, Rob is not a fan of players following his rules, as ‘Free Joe Kelly’ is not political and is very clearly said in jest.  Just leaves me over here wondering how following the rules = ejection/suspension/fine and cheating your way to a World Series = no ejection/suspension/fine…y’all really know how to pick your battles…”

Bauer made clear he learned his lesson. “Fun is bad, cheating is good. Won’t make the same mistake twice, can promise you that.”

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