With contact sports forbidden until September 1, baseball in the Netherlands likely over for 2020

Also in the Netherlands, the government announced a series of facilitation but also limited several sports to take place before September 1st as contact sports are forbidden.

With baseball considered a contact sport, starting a decent competition after September 1st will be very hard. Playing baseball with keeping 1.5 meters distance is pretty hard as well. Not only at home plate, it is nearly impossible to keep that distance between the batter, the umpire and the catcher, also at the bases, it is difficult to maintain. Tagging out runners will be impossible. So starting baseball before September 1st is out of the question.

Normally the regular season in the Netherlands runs until September. Then the playoffs will start. The Holland Series, the apotheosis of the Dutch baseball season, would have started on September 24. Sure you can push that back to October but then the weather slowly starts to sabotage.

So in all fairness, there is a very slim chance that Dutch baseball games will be played this year. But we will know for sure when the KNBSB comes with a press release.Europe's coolest baseball shop

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