Annual player shift in Dutch hoofdklasse

The month of October has passed and so has the transition period in Dutch baseball . The top two teams in Dutch baseball, L&D Amsterdam Pirates and Curacao Neptunus did not acquire many players this year. Especially in the lower ranks of the hoofdklasse were a lot of moves made.

European champion L&D Amsterdam Pirates saw two players hang up their spikes: Michael Duursma and Koen Nooij decided to call it a career.

The club acquired three new players. Zerzinho Croes from Vaessen Pioniers, Norbert Jongerius from Pickles UVV and Kalian Sams from Kinheim (perhaps the biggest surprise). It is very likely that Sams will return to the Quebec Capitales of the CanAm League for the 2017 season, but there is a chance that Sams will be available for the play offs in the Dutch competition.

Dutch champion Curacao Neptunus acquired one player. Even though there have been talks with a few players from other clubs, not many acquisitions have been made.
New manager Ronald Jaarsma requested not to acquire players from his former club L&D Amsterdam Pirates. Curacao Neptunus granted that wish. Jochem Koedijk is the one of the few new players on the roster of Neptunus. The outfielder will leave Kinheim to join the club from Rotterdam. Next to Koedijk, Elton Koeiman joins the team as pitching coach but can be used as pitcher as well. Gregory Muller (University of Albany but living in the Netherlands) was acquired for an infield position.
Jarreau Martina will be available in case of emergency even though that he quit due to a busy job. Ruar Verkerk and Misja Harcksen will return to the team after their American adventure.

A couple of players left or decided to call it quits: Steven van Groningen (HCAW) and Byron Cornelisse (Vaessen Pioniers) will join their old club again. Randolph Oduber and Dashenko Ricardo will try to sign a deal with an independent league club in the United States. Raily Legito and Kenny van den Branden ended their career.

Pickles UVV saw a lot of players come and go. New players are Rodney Daal and Randy Daal (the latter from Almere ’90), Bryce Cherry (Robur ’58), Jelle Blaauw (HCAW), Julian Goins (HCAW), Jonah van Bemmelen (Vaessen Pioniers), Jimmy Osinga (L&D Amsterdam Pirates), Roderick Hennekens (Robur ’58) and Roland Laurens (RCH/Pinguins).

The players that turned their back to the club are Jamie Verheyleweghen (De Glaskoning Twins), Jordan Illis (DSS), Norbert Jongerius (L&D Amsterdam Pirates), Omar Williams (destination unknown), Rick Heijman (retired), Sven Jongejans (HCAW) and Thijs Steenwijk (De Glaskoning Twins).

HCAW lost two players to UVV (Jelle Blaauw and Julian Goins), three to DSS (Kevin Nieveld, Sander Helmendach and Levine Gabriels), Gianni Frolijk (Vaessen Pioniers), Gijs van Els left to neighbouring Zuidvogels. Marco Schel and Marciano Philippi hung up their spikes.

New players that HCAW got in return are: Kevin Dirksen, Sedley Karel (both from Vaessen Pioniers), Steven van Groningen (Curaçao Neptunus), Niels Harteveld (Adegeest), Sven Jongejans (UVV), Seb Visser (DSS), Koen Werkman (RCH/Pinguïns), Dylan Koster, Delano Selassa and Moreno Vork (all HCAW Rookie Team).

Kinheim from Haarlem has lost a lot of players. Several have crossed the street (literally) to join DSS. As written above, Jochem Koedijk is heading to Rotterdam. Dexter de Weert (HCAW), Nick Veltkamp (DSS), Tom Stuifbergen (DSS), Dudley Leonora (Vaessen Pioniers), Sander Paap (Vaessen Pioniers), Glen Wassink (Vaessen Pioniers), Scott Ronnenbergh (Vaessen Pioniers) will turn their back to the club as well. All 21 players decided to leave and the club got nothing in return. Kevin Moesquit returns to Curacao after he lost his A status.

Other players that left the club are:  Thomas Bos (DSS), David Bergman (retired), Louis Roman Figuera (Curaçao), Julio Hernandez (Aruba), Oliver van der Wijst (Vaessen Pioniers), Niels van Weert (Quick Amersfoort), Bryan Engelhardt and David Bergman (both retired), Reggie Bomberg (destination unknown), Kalian Sams (L&D Amsterdam Pirates), Victor Draijer en Rachid Engelhardt (both college in the USA) and Jasper Keijzer (Zuidvogels).
The situation was very hopeless so the club decided to withdraw from the hoofdklasse for the 2017 season. Luckily this does not mean that the club will cease to exist.

De Glaskoning Twins also has to deal with a lot of moves. Players that left the club are Elton Koeiman (Curacao Neptunus as pitching coach), Anthony Vrolijk, Floris Timmer, Berry van Donselaar (all three to Euro Stars) and Jeffrey Arends (Vaessen Pioniers).

The club will add nine new players to their roster.

Vaessen Pioniers added five players from Kinheim to their roster.  Sander Paap, Glen Wassink, Dudley Leonora, Oliver van der Wijst and Scott Ronnenbergh. Byron Cornelisse will rejoin his former club as he will leave Curacao Neptunus. Also Gianni Frolijk (HCAW) was added to the roster. Pioniers will also add Darryl Jamoena (Storks from The Hague) and Jeffrey Arends (Twins).

The following players left: Austin Weymouth (retired), Kevin Dirksen and Sedley Karel (both HCAW), Shavently Profar, Stephen Henson, Jonathan Isenia (unknown), Jonah van Bemmelen (UVV) en Zerzinho Croes (L&D Amsterdam Pirates).

In a certain way DSS will be happy with the demise of Kinheim as four former Kinheim players will jump ships: Niels van Weert, Tom Stuifbergen, Thomas Bos and Nick Veltkamp will join Kinheim’s neighbour. Other acquisitions of DSS are ordan Illis from UVV and Kevin Nieveld, Sander Helmendach and Levine Gabriels (all from HCAW).
Players that left the club are Seb Visser (HCAW), Melvin Perdue (De Glaskoning Twins), Kevin Geestman (OVVO from Amsterdam) and Menno Lenting (De Glaskoning Twins).

Curacao Neptunus and L&D Amsterdam Pirates made the least acquisitions.

The biggest number of acquisitions were made by UVV, DSS, De Glaskoning Twins and HCAW.

No need to say that Kinheim is the biggest loser and with the withdrawal of the club from the hoofdklasse, Dutch baseball is a loser as well.

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