No Baseball in Belgium until July 31st

After the cancellation of the 2020 season in France, more depressing news. Today, the government of Belgium announced that no sporting games will be allowed until July 31st. This means that baseball is affected as well. 

Competitions – KBBSF – FRBBSThe new rule is part of a string of measures that were presented by the Belgian government. Next to bars, cafés, and restaurants staying closed, no sports games (professional and amateur) will be allowed until the end of July. But this does not mean that games can be played on August 1. A decision about the time frame after July 31st will be made at a later stage.

In last year’s regular-season of the Belgian highest league, Baseball Gold, 35 games were played. But this number varies a lot per season. IF the Belgian government will allow sports clubs to play games after July 31, it will be impossible to play 35 games as the clubs play two games per weekend. How many games per club will be scheduled, is up to the KBBSF (Royal Belgian Baseball and Softball Federation).

More news about that will follow.

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