Baseball Shorts: Ducks on the Pond

With the term Ducks on the Pond, you first may think of some water birds swimming around a pond in the park. But did you know the term is also used in baseball? Read on and you’ll find out why.

The term Ducks on the Pond is a metaphor that is typically used by the offense when cheering on a hitter to drive in a few runs.  It can be said in a state of relief (We finally ducks teegot some ducks on the pond) or in a situation where runs are needed (Let’s go!  You got some ducks on the pond!).  In both ways, you know that there are runners on base who are ready to cross home plate and score some runs.

When there are Ducks on the Pond, there are runners in scoring position but some use the term for loaded bases as well.

According to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the term was first used by Arch McDonald who announced the games of the Washington Senators in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. Even though it may sound like it was used by an older generation, the term is still used today.
The term used to be one of the favorites of the Gashouse Gang’s Dizzy Dean in his broadcasting days as became a well-known radio and television sportscaster, calling baseball for the Cardinals (1941–46), Browns (1941–48), Yankees (1950–51), and Atlanta Braves (1966–68) and nationally with Mutual (1952), ABC (1953–54), and CBS (1955–1965).

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