Not many roster moves for Neptunus

Runner up in the Holland Series, Curaçao Neptunus has made a few roster moves. The club from Rotterdam saw four players leave the club and added as many to their 2020 roster.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Curacao NeptunusThe first player that will turn his back on the club is Jochem Koedijk, who returns to his hometown Haarlem. He will join Kinheim that just fell short in the promotion/relegation series vs DSS. The question is if Koedijk will play hoofdklasse or overgangsklasse as DSS and Kinheim both will cooperate and form a hoofdklasse team of players from both clubs next season.

Pitcher Brendan Schoemaker will play in the overgangsklasse next year for sure. Schoemaker will join Euro Stars from neighboring Capelle aan den IJssel.

As you could read in the blog post about Oosterhout Twins that Tyriq Kemp and Mick Vos will also leave the multiple Dutch champions.

Perhaps the most surprising move is the acquisition of Kaj Timmermans, who left HCAW from Bussum. Surprising because Neptunus is having one of the best rotations in the Dutch hoofdklasse with Diegomar Markwell, Orlando Yntema and Misja Harcksen. So likely, Timmermans’ role will be in the bullpen. But according to manager Ronald Jaarsma, he would have liked to get Timmermans earlier but in the previous seasons, Jaarsma could not offer enough playing time, so perhaps there may be a chance Timmermans will get some starts as well.

Another addition is outfielder Joran Berkhout, who will leave Quick Amersfoort. Berkhout played 42 games in 2019 during the regular season, all starts in which he batted .252.

The third addition is catcher Jarreau Martina, who will replace Quentin de Cuba, who appears to be injured. After a short stint with Fortitudo Bologna, Martina returned to Oosterhout Twins, where he batted a modest .176.

The final addition, which was actually their first, is John Polonius. Polonius also played with Fortitudo Bologna but is about to start a study in Rotterdam. So during the 2019 European Championship, Neptunus made hay while the sun was shining and signed him for the 2020 season. Polonius is a good addition as he batted pretty well in the Serie A1 with a .316 batting average.

Don’t be surprised if the club will make another acquisition during the regular season just to bolster its roster for the European Champions Cup.

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