Not many changes for Oosterhout Twins

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Oosterhout Twins

Oosterhout Twins that didn’t make it to the playoffs last season, has added several new players to its roster. The club has added two players from Curaçao Neptunus, one from DSS, one from HCAW and one from Quick Amersfoort. The club saw four players leave: one to Curaçao Neptunus, one to HCAW and two to Belgium.

The four players that have left the club are Arthur Bonefacia, who is heading to HCAW in Bussum and Jarreau Martina, who is heading to Curaçao Neptunus to replace Quentin de Cuba, who appears to be injured, Dennis de Quint, who returned to his former club in Belgium, Hoboken Pioneers and Jamie Verheyleweghen, who returned to the Brasschaat Braves.

The first “new” player that is added to next year’s roster is Pastor Chavez Martinez. The pitcher played for Oosterhout Twins in 2018 but opted to join Quick Amersfoort in 2019. Apparently traveling by train and public transport from Tilburg to Amersfoort was quite a hassle, so he decided to return to his 2018 club. Last season, Pastor posted a 6.14 ERA with a 2-4 record in 19 appearances of which 5 were starts.

The following new player is Tyriq Kemp. Tyriq is the younger brother of Curaçao Neptunus’ infielder Dwayne Kemp. Of course Tyriq is also coming from Neptunus. Tyriq played most games for Neptunus’ farm team Tridents, but still made 9 appearances of which 7 were starts. At bat, he has room to improve quite a bit as he batted a modest .182.

The next player from Neptunus that joins Twins is Mick Vos, Neptunus’ shortstop of their U-18 team. Also Vos played a limited number of games for the flagship team: 4 and 1 start. In 5 at-bats, Mick batted .400.

Diamond Silberie is the following player that joins Oosterhout Twins. Last season, Diamond played with DSS but did get a considerable amount of playing time but in 35 games of which 26 starts, Diamond batted a modest .176. Diamond can serve as a middle infielder.

The final new player is Ruendrick Piternella, who left HCAW from Bussum for Oosterhout Twins. The outfielder played in 40 games of which 38 starts. Also Piternella wasn’t very impressive in the batter’s box as he batted .224.

Next to these new additions, Twins will likely look for another Japanese pitcher, like they did in the previous seasons.

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