A lot of transfers for L&D Amsterdam Pirates

Once again, L&D Amsterdam saw several players go and added a lot of new players to its roster. Three of those players come from their farm team and one was playing for them last year more or less.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor L&D Amsterdam PiratesOf the players that turned their back on the club, the name of Kevin Heijstek is the most surprising. In the past few years, Heijstek was clearly the ace of the rotation but he has hung up his spikes.

Another surprising name is Jhan Rifaela, who will join Quick Amersfoort. Rifaela pitched the championship game of the Holland Series and limited Neptunus to four hits in 6.1 innings. The manager of Neptunus called him a mediocre pitcher (with all due respect) but when you look to his stats vs Neptunus throughout the season, Rifaela limited Neptunus to just two runs in six innings and kept them at a .103 batting average. So L&D Amsterdam Pirates does lose a valuable asset in Rifaela.

Tom Stuifbergen will leave the club to play for Onze Gezellen of the overgangsklasse. Tom will focus more on his professional career, so that is hard to combine with hoofdklasse baseball.

Also Maickel Rietel will join an overgangsklasse club as he will go to RCH-Pinguïns from Heemstede. Next to him, outfielder Linoy Croes will join HCAW, outfielder Victor Draijer will join Meerlease Pioniers and Aidan Finnegan will move to DSS/Kinheim.

But of course, L&D Amsterdam Pirates acquired several players. Three of those players come from the farm team of the club: Outfielder Kit Gijsbers, RHP Naut Kragt and catcher Jair van Borkulo. Kalian Sams joins the club after a stint in the CanAm League from which he returned home earlier so he could join Pirates at the end of the 2019 season.

Other players that joined Pirates are pitchers Donny Breek (DSS), Jurrian Koks (Silicon Storks) and Matz Schutte (RCH-Pinguïns) and Juan Carlos Sulbaran (DSS). Sulbaran will be used as a starter by Pirates

Jurrian Koks will take utility infielder Giovanny Perez with him. Even though Oliver van der Wijst is mentioned as an addition as well, it is very likely he will play for Nettuno in Italy next season.

With new manager Michael Duursma, a mostly new coaching staff will join him. Rob Cordemans will stay in his role as playing coach as he serves as pitching coach next to his outings on the mound.  Third base coach will be Alan Hazel.

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