Lots of transactions for HCAW

Like every year, it is quite a carousel during the transition period in Bussum. HCAW, that reached the playoffs for the third year in a row, lost many players but also saw many players join the club. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor HCAWIn total, twelve players went to other clubs. The most remarkable and painful loss may be pitcher Kaj Timmermans, who left for Curaçao Netpunus. Other players that left the club are Seb Vissers (to Onze Gezellen, overgangsklasse), Timo van Ancum and Norbert Jongerius (both to Zuidvogels), Jiorgeny Casimiri and Arij Fransen (both a minor league contract in the USA. Casimiri with the Blue Jays and Fransen with the Reds), Oscar Meuris (called it a career during the 2019 season), Chris Pfau (returns to Meerlease Pioniers), Gillian Wernet (to Quick Amersfoort), Oliver van der Wijst (L&D Amsterdam Pirates/ Nettuno in Italy), Ruendrick Piternella (Oosterhout Twins) and Renaigel Martis (returns to Curaçao).

To fill that enormous void, HCAW acquired as many players. The most remarkable of the players that will join the club in 2020 may be Luuk ter Beek, who comes from Meerlease Pioniers and who is coming from the Hoofddorp area. Another good addition is outfielder Linoy Croes, who left L&D Amsterdam Pirates to join the team from Bussum.
Next to Ter Beek, HCAW added five other pitchers: Righthanders Gio de Graauw (from the farm team of HCAW), Chris Stuart (farm team from L&D Amsterdam Pirates), Alexander Valdez (DSS) and Johannes Verroen Garcia (from the Orioles from Bergschenhoek). HCAW also added LHP Nick Keur from DSS.

The club from Bussum added the following position players: C/3B Leandro Anasagasti (from DSS), C Pascal Zegwaard (farm team of HCAW), outfielders Arthur Bonefacia (Oosterhout Twins), aforementioned Linoy Croes, OF/1B Kevin Dirksen and OF Brennan Nijhof. Both Dirksen and Nijhof didn’t play in 2019.

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