The Red Sox / World Series logo conspiracy

Recently there is a conspiracy theory swirling around the internet. Certain World Series Logos sported pennants and in those years the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. The 2018 World Series Logos sport two pennants as well, so according to this conspiracy theory, the Red Sox will win it all again.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor WOrld Series logos

On Twitter, this conspiracy showed up in July of this year.

First there was this curse of the Bambino that kept the Red Sox from winning it since 1918. And now there is a conspiracy by MLB to let the Red Sox win every time a WS logo sports two pennants.

Fate? No. Conspiracy? Are you kidding me? Utter nonsense? Absolutely.

Even if it is a bitter pill to swallow the Red Sox moved on to the World Series as a Yankee fan, why would I believe MLB is favoring Boston over all other teams? Sure it is all about money. For MLB it means a lot of extra cash if the Yankees or the Red Sox reach the World Series.

But just face it. The Red Sox are unearthly good this year. Unlike the Yankees front office, theirs is not afraid to spend some money when needed (so never blame the Yankees again for buying a WS title 😉 ) and it made some fine trades of which all pieces performed at the right time.

So this conspiracy thing is utter crap. Nevertheless, I have one request to Major League Baseball: Please never create a logo with pennants in it again.


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