WBSC Unveils New World Ranking

Today, the World Baseball and Softball Confederation unveiled the new World Ranking. The top three did not change much. Japan and Chinese Taipei are still firm in first and second place, but Korea was overtaken by the USA for rank #3. Of the European countries, the Netherlands remains the strongest. As a matter of fact, …

Once Again WBSC Does Not Act in The Interest of Baseball

As we all know, the WBSC is supposed to act in the interest of baseball. We also know, that the world baseball governing body doesn do that. Two days ago, the WBSC added another chapter to not acting in the best interest of our beloved sport. A few years ago, WBSC chairman Fraccarri allowed national …

WBSC: Presidential Vote Ahead And Other Issues

On July 5th, a new president of the WBSC will be voted for at a congress scheduled to be held in Taiwan. Next to the incumbent president, Riccardo Fraccari, two other candidates will run for the position. Those two persons are Didier Seminet, the incumbent president of the FFBS (Féderation Française Baseball et Softball) and …

WBSC/Fraccari Under Investigation For Money Laundering

According to Libartas.sm, a San Marino based news website, Riccardo Fraccari and the World Baseball and Softball Confederation are under investigation for money laundring. According to the article, the sports federation of Panama complained about the price of game balls, provided by the WBSC. As a result, there was a fiscal inspection that made clear …

WBSC vs European Super League Baseball. It is Deja Vu All Over Again.

A few weeks ago, the WBSC sent out an e-mail in which it warns players not to join the newly erected European Super League Baseball. According to the governing body, the new league is not sanctioned. The e-mail was sent around the time the ESLB was organizing European tryouts. With this e-mail, the WBSC wants …

Kingdom of The Netherlands Climbs One Spot in World Ranking

Today, the WBSC (World Baseball and Softball Confederation) released the new world ranking. As usual, there were some countries that rose some spots and there were countries that dropped some spots. First of all Japan. The land of the rising sun is unchallenged with a more than eight hundred point lead over the second place …

Taiwan Forfeits Right To Organize Olympic Qualifier, Tournament appointed to Mexico

And there we have it. The other day, one could read about the questionable status of the Olympic Qualifier due to the spike in corona contaminations in Taiwan. Today a Taiwanese newspaper spread the news that the island state has forfeited the right to organize the final Olympic Qualifier. https://twitter.com/GOCPBL/status/1395178223290490886 The same Twitter account, which …

European Women’s Baseball Championship postponed to 2022

The European Baseball Confederation (CEB) and the French Baseball and Softball Federation announce the postponement of the European Women's Baseball Championships scheduled for this summer to 2022. According to the CEB, it is very hard to to make any final decisions regarding the tournaments at this moment. As a result, the Executive Committee of the CEB is …

With Baseball off the Olympic Agenda, Can We Return to Nine Innings?

Last week it became clear that baseball will no longer be an Olympic sport after the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. Clearly the sport was a gift for the organizing country since baseball in Japan is still BIG. But now baseball won't be an Olympic sport in 2024, it is time think about the return to …

Seven-Inning Baseball Games: Good or Bad?

Due to the coronavirus, several European leagues played games of seven innings instead of nine. The Belgian Baseball Gold League was one of them. Also the Italian Serie A1 played seven innings. But with the latter, there was more behind this decision. At the start of the 2020 season in Italy, there was a video …

U15 World Cup to take place in October/November

Today, the WBSC announced that the U15 World Cup Baseball will take place from October 30 through November 8. This is more positive news after a lot of cancellations due to the coronavirus. As the tournament will be played in Tijuana, Mexico, the place will be a baseball hotbed in October and November as the …

2021 World Baseball Classic very unlikely

According to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes, the 2021 World Baseball Classic will not be played. When it will take place is not clear yet. Rojas added that the organizers think the tournament cannot be played before 2023. Games for the fifth World Baseball Classic were set to be held in Taiwan, Japan,  and the …

Final Olympic Qualifier postponed

It was to be expected but now the WBSC has actually announced it. The Final Olympic Qualifier in Taiwan, which would have taken place early April, will be postponed due to the coronavirus. After consulting with medical and governmental authorities, a joint decision by the WBSC and the Local Organising Committee has been taken to …

Health problems may surround the final Olympic Qualifier

The final Olympic Qualifier, which will take place from April 1 - 5 in Taichung, Taiwan, may be bothered by health issues because of the coronavirus epidemic. It may lead to a ban of the People's Republic of China. Taiwan has denied access to people from China and to people who visited China recently. Since …

The Olympic Qualification is questionable (part 2)

In September last year, you could read a blog post about the farce that the Olympic Qualification actually is. Today, I discovered another disturbing fact that supports the previous blog post. In the previous blog post, you could read about the strange rule the WBSC is using. For Europe, there are/were only two options to …

2019 Premier 12: Dutch go 0-3, eliminated

Last night, the Kingdom of the Netherlands faced Mexico in its final game of the tournament. As Mexico beat the USA on Sunday, the Dutch were eliminated already. Vs Mexico, the Dutch didn't fare much better as they lost 10-2. Manager Hensley Meulens started Tom Stuifbergen, who normally is a reliever. As Stuifbergen announced he …

WBSC blocks private promotional initiative

The first INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL DREAM BASEBALL CUP (IPDBC) will be postponed until January/February 2020. The main reason is that the private initiative is not acknowledged by the WBSC and the Spanish Baseball and Softball Federation (RFEBS). The International Professional Dream Baseball Cup is an initiative by 4Big Sports Events. The tournament is meant as a promotion …

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