European Women’s Baseball Championship postponed to 2022

The European Baseball Confederation (CEB) and the French Baseball and Softball Federation announce the postponement of the European Women’s Baseball Championships scheduled for this summer to 2022.

Confederation of European Baseball - Wikipedia

According to the CEB, it is very hard to to make any final decisions regarding the tournaments at this moment. As a result, the Executive Committee of the CEB is going to evaluate the situation 60 days before every tournament, and the deadline of notification for cancelling, postponing or rescheduling an event will be 45 days before each tournament.

But the main reason to postpone the tournament is the fact that the WBSC has decided to make the Women’s Baseball World Cup a four-year tournament instead of a bi-annual tourney. So the next Women’s Baseball World Cup will be played in 2023 and 2024. Some explanation will be needed here. According to the website of the FFBS (French Baseball and Softball Federation), the competition takes place over a cycle of four years (and no longer two) and will take place in two phases, a group first with two pools of six teams and another so-called final the following year with the six finalists.

With the group phase being rescheduled to 2023, the CEB has decided to push back the European Championship as well. France, and especially the Montpellier Baracudas, will keep the organizing rights.

When it comes to earning tickets for the upcoming 2023/2024 World Cup, the 2022 European Championship will be meaningless since reigning European Champion France and the Netherlands (wild card) both have gotten a ticket to the World Cup already.

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