Sydney Blue Sox and Cleburne Railroaders Team up

Through its website, the Sydney Blue Sox announced a cooperation with the Cleburne RailRoaders of the Independent American Association.

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For now the cooperation may be a bit different as you might expect. Nothing is said about the exchange of players. Perhaps that is a Pie in the Sky. For now the cooperation is more about sending talented youth players to the US and organizing tours for fans to the US and vice versa.

The Cleburne Railroaders are partially owned by Alan Miller, who is also owner of the Portland Pickles of the collegiate summer league, the Wild Wild West League. The intention is to send talented youth players to the Pickles so they can grow as an athlete. Many Australian youth players never get the chance to play in the US. In this way, the doors to the promised land of baseball will be opened a bit more.

The Sydney Blue Sox are owned by Sports Management Australia. The latter provides memorable experiences in sport through events, holiday camps, tours and venue management. To share the love of baseball the Blue Sox want to have the same fans for both organizations and provide interchangeable tours for fans between the US and Australia.

Jason Pospishil, Director of Baseball Operations stated : “There is such huge potential for the growth of both organizations due to this partnership. Not only will this serve as a means for both teams to increase their international fanbase, but there will opportunities for on and off-field collaboration to promote both teams to their respective markets through merchandise, watch parties, social media and so on.”

“We are incredibly excited to partner with the Blue Sox,” said Railroader co-owner Alan Miller. “There are natural synergies based on our schedules that will allow us to collaborate on and off the field year around.”

Cleburne Railroaders

Also the American Association is very happy with the cooperation between the two clubs: “This partnership only deepens an already innovative partnership between the Australian Baseball League and the American Association. The American Association looks for more innovations flowing from this partnership that will spread among other teams in both leagues.”